The Planets Ephemeris (positions) for the Month Book Mark This Page -The Planets Ephemeris (positions) for the Month of  March 2015:

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Planetary Positions for the Month  March 2015

The Sun Planets Ephemeris (positions) for the Month  The Sun Ephemeris March 2015:  The Sun starts November at 10.13 in the constellation of Pisces, the Sun enters Aries on the 21st and ends the month at 9.57 still in the constellation of Aries

Mercury The Planets Ephemeris (positions) for the Month  The Planet Mercury -Mercury Ephemeris March 2015::Mercury starts  March a 11 43 Aquarius  Mercury enters Pisces on the 15th and ends the Month at 29.53 in the sign of Pisces.

The Planets Ephemeris Venus (positions) for the Month  The Planet Venus - Venus Ephemeris March 2015::  Venus starts the month at 10.01 in the constellation of Aries Venus enters Taurus on the 18sht,  and ends the month at 16 16  Taurus

The Planets Mars Ephemeris (positions) for the Month  The Planet Mars -Mars Ephemeris  March 2015: The planet Mars starts the month of Febuary 2015 at 15.17 Pisces.  Mars ends the month at 8.-06 in the same sign of Aries. .

The Planet Saturn Ephemeris (positions) for the Month  The Planet Jupiter - Jupiter Ephemeris March 2015: Jupiter starts the month of  March at 14.51 Leo in a reverse cycle -(appears to be going back-wards when viewed from the earth & a time to be going back over all 'Jupiter Business' Jupiter goes direct again in April 13th)  Jupiter ends the month at 12.43 degrees in the constellation of a reverse cycle

.The Planet Saturn Ephemeris (positions) for the Month  The Planet Saturn - Position for the month of  March 2015: The planet Saturn starts the month at 4 56 Saturn makes a Station  at 4.56 on the 15th(Planets are at their strongest when at station) Saturn goes into a reverse cycle ( a planet appears to be moving back wards when viewed from the earth-astrologically, going back over all things Saturn-a chance to get things right?) on the 18th  and goes direct again on the th of August at Saturn ends the month at 28 18 Scorpio-- The Planet Saturn Astrologically 

The Planet Saturn Ephemeris (positions) for the Month The planet Uranus -Position Uranus for the month of  March 2015: .The planet Uranus starts the month at 14.27 minutes in the constellation of Aries. Uranus ends the month at 16.05 Aries.

The Planet Neptune Ephemeris (positions) for the Month  The Planet Neptune - Neptune Ephemeris  March 2015:The planet Neptune starts of  March 2015 at 7.22 in the astrology sign of Pisces .Neptune ends the month at 8.28 in Aries.

Pluto The Planets Ephemeris (positions) for the Month  The Planet Pluto - Pluto Ephemeris  March 2015:  The Planet Pluto is the slowest planet (but the strongest astrological?). Pluto starts the month of January at 14 59 minutes in Capricorn, Pluto ends the month at 15  28 in the astrology sign of Capricorn.-A slow mover!

 The moon transits the constellations qurt moon  The moon cycle starts the month of  March in the constellation of Leo -and ends the month in the constellation of Virgo spending two or three days in each constellation. For further details about the moon, moon cycles and the moons progress throughout the month click here. To know which sign the moon is in today and to understand how it affects us all please click here

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