The Sun astrology the 'esoteric solar system -Astro map

 The Sun/Solar-System See all the planets positions through out the zodiac for the entire month-Ephemeris:-
The Sun astrology the 'esoteric solar system -Astro map Alternative World (Mundane) Astrology:

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The Sun Ephemeris April 2015: The Sun starts November at 10.56 in the constellation of Aries, the Sun enters Taurus on the 21st and ends the month at 9 20' still in the constellation of Taurus


The Sun's Astrologically
Sun sign astrology and transisits

The Sun astrology the 'esoteric solar system -Astro map/
Planet Facts: In the birth chart the Sun by sign, by house position and the aspects it makes to the Angles and other planets describes the persons motivating force. The sun represents a person’s actions. The sun is what essentially that person is seeking to become. This is reflected in the Sun 's ' astrology' glyph or symbol a dot, representing potential, in a circle signifying completeness or maturity. On other levels the Sun also corresponds to the masculine principles of willpower, courage, creativity, purpose, growth, one's sense of uniqueness, authority, the father and the ruler. This last image is particularly helpful to an understanding of the Sun 's astrological function. In life, the ruler is the figurehead under which the disparate social groups of a nation either unite, or divide. Similarly, the Sun symbolizes the process by which other planets energies in the birth chart are integrated or indeed; wasted!  

The Sun's 'Esoteric' Astrology

The sun is the first planet out from our world. The sun's effects esoterically/astrologically are as follows the sun is warm (heat makes more active). The sun is dry (dry makes distinctions, knows & recognizes differences). The sun is convertible (can be either masculine or feminine). The sun can be masculine (out going, assertive, seems confident). The sun can be feminine (introspective, shy, moody,  not assertive, seems weak, seems fearful),  The sun is fixed ( fixed stays put in same job- house-partner. The sun has strength and endurance, sees things through. The sun's element is  fire (enthusiastic, has initiative, optimistic, has faith in the future, is entertaining egotistical and generous, initiator - leaving the details). The sun's colour is orange. The sun is happiest or dignified in the constellation of Leo  The sun is at its worst or 'in fall' when in the constellation of Libra  The sun's main purpose is to radiate, to blast and to push out wards. The sun shines on - spot lights in order to create attention. The sun is the husband, the chief, the father, the political ruler. The sun favours commerce. money matters and support from influential people. The sun governs gold. The sun's day is Sunday the suns month is July. The sun's number is 1.  The body parts ruled by the Sun are: upper back, spine, spleen, heart, aorta, circulation. The sun represents our will and our purpose.  Sun ruled ailments: heart problems, hardening of the arteries, high or low blood pressure, spinal and back, problems, blood disorders. Sun gemstones are - Tigers eye – Amber

The Sun's Esoteric & Astrological - Herbs / Influence:

Sun herbs help to promote self confidence, a strong sense of identity and willpower, vitality, health, creativity, dignity, a sense of well being and abundance. Sun herbs are mostly yellow in colour or have yellow or orange with in - See list at -  Sun Herbs & Plants: 

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