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Venus Ephemeris April 2015: Venus starts the month at 17 27 in the constellation of Taurus Venus enters gemini on the 17sht,  and ends the month at 21 7Gemini

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Venus planet astrology

Planet Facts: Venus is named after the goddess of love, beauty and sensuality. Venus astrologically refers to our need for relationships, affection and harmony. At a more fundamental level however Venus is concerned with what attracts and repels us, and how we respond to these influences. The process involved in the planet Venus's principle is one of weighing up - of trying to decide what is good or bad according to how we perceive our needs. More often than not  this will results in Venus's sharing or co-pertaining behavior.  In terms of love and astrology the planet Venus reveals our reaction when we meet the 'love situation' rather than how we express ourselves emotionally (which is more the function of Mars - ego action, or the Sun- self expression action). Venus rarely gives without expecting something in return, hence our ability to attract harmonious relationships will depend on its sign and house position, and more specifically on the nature of the planets Venus aspects. On other levels, matters which fall within the planet's portfolio  include the arts, style, taste, physical attraction, close partnerships of all kinds, women and feminine sexuality; physical well-being; money and all means of exchange; diplomacy and vanity.  

The Planet Venus -- 'Esoteric' Astrology

Venus is the planet of love, our sense of beauty and aesthetics. Venus's effects us on an esoteric level- as follows. The planet Venus is temperate and moist (moist brings people together in common unity, makes distinctions unclear) fruitful, magnetic (attracts), feminine (feminine is introspective, shy, moody, not assertive, seems weak, seems fearful ). Planet Venus is happiest when dignified in the either of the signs of Libra or Taurus . The planet Venus is at its worst when in 'fall' in the sign of Virgo. Venus represents affection, friendship, unions, pleasures, the arts and love. The planet Venus represents woman. Planet Venus fosters benevolence, cheerfulness and an has an inclination towards pleasure.  The planet Venus can incline to selfishness and be self centered, only interested in indulgences. The planet Venus 's month is July. The planet Venus 's metal is copper. The planet Venus 's day is Friday. The planets esoteric or astrological colour is light blue. The planet Venus 's number is 6. The body parts ruled by Venus are: neck, throat, thyroid gland, larynx, chin, lower jaw, ears, tongue, vocal chords, jugular vein, tonsils. Venus type ailments are: anything to do with the throat or neck, sore throat, stiff neck, tension, excess weight, under-active thyroid gland. Venus gemstones are - Diamond - Crystal.

Venus Facts - Esoteric & Astrological - Herbs / Influence:  Apples, Cherry, Primrose, Strawberry, White Rose The colour variation of Venus ruled herbs and plants may ranges from green-white to a pink. Most Venus herbs will have a fragrance of a sensory quality. Most fruit blossoms are ruled by the planet Venus. See list at � Venus Herbs & Plants - Unique Personal Astrology "be amazed"   Today's Horoscopes for  Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn  Aquarius Pisces

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