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See all the planets positions through out the zodiac for the entire month  Ephemeris:-- Position Uranus for the month of April 2015:.The planet Uranus starts the month at 16 8 minutes in the constellation of Aries. Uranus ends the month at 17 46 Aries.

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The Planet Uranus - The Planets Astrology 
Uranus planet astrology

planet Saturn 's principles of order and control become too rigid in either our personal lives or in society as a whole. Some people in life display powerful Uranus type drives either by spearheading progressive reforms or less constructively by standing out from the crowd through different, shocking or anti-social behaviour. Whatever the level of expression Uranus seems to emanate an 'outer' force that stimulates excitement, eccentricity and or danger. For most of us the influence of the planet Uranus is not so evident. Uranus tends to take us by surprise when the planet becomes activated by house or by transit in our personal lives. Few of us are receptive to the wholesale change that the planet Uranus often demands of us. As a result the planet Uranus is often felt to work in a disruptive way breaking down old stale attitudes or situations which have become habitual. Yet no matter how painful these rude awakenings may be they offer us the chance to take control of our destinies and our lives in accordance with our deepest and some times not fully understood wishes. In this sense the effects of this planet can be seen as a truly liberating force. The main problem with the planet Uranus is that on occasions it's energy can go way way above what is actually needed just for change or the effect can go so far the other other way that the situation becomes its polar opposite.  

The Planet Uranus - 'Esoteric' Astrology

Esoteric Uranus is cold (cold makes inactive), transcendental-changeable, mental, nervous and barren.  Uranus types seem to emanate with a mysterious force, they generates excitement, they are eccentric and will often have a 'mystery' ( though not always known), they have a 'sense' of danger. For most of us though the planet Uranus 's astrology or influences are not so profound. Uranus will how ever take us by surprise when it is activated in our astrology charts, but few of us seem ready or receptive to the complete 'turn-around' change that the planet Uranus will often demand of us. Uranus is often felt to work disruptively, breaking down attitudes or situations which have become imbedded or fossilized - the old ways. Yet no matter how painful the Uranus awakening may be the planet offers us the chance to take control of our destinies and live our lives in accordance with our deepest (though not always known) wishes. Uranus the esoteric corresponds or rules - electricity; lightning and any sudden illumination or original discovery, eccentricity, all innovative technologies, the abstract sciences, democracy, civil liberties, anarchy, reforms, revolution, fascism. . The planet Uranus colour is dark blue. Uranus body parts are: circulatory system, ankles, Achilles heal, calves, shins, breath, eyesight. Uranus ailments: circulatory problems, varicose veins, anxiety, muscular spasms, arthritis, palpitations. The planet Uranus number is 22. The planet Uranus is independentUranus gemstone - Fire Opal.  -   Unique Personal Astrology "be amazed"- Discover the power of "Real" astrology Personal Astrology -Today's Horoscopes for  Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn  Aquarius Pisces

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