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Pluto Ephemeris  March April 2015: The Planet Pluto is the slowest planet (but the strongest astrological?). Pluto starts the month of April  at 15° 29” minutes in Capricorn, Pluto ends the month at 15  30 in the astrology sign of Capricorn.-A slow mover!

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Pluto planet astrology

Planet Facts: The planet Pluto represents in astrology the process of fundamental and total transformation, of death and of rebirth. Pluto is in contrast to the planet Uranus which disrupts and turns around the structures we create in both society and in our personal lives - whilst Pluto will disrupt and then turn all structures- inside out! Planet Pluto breaks down structures so completely well that a new level of awareness will come about- if there is a will to find it. Like the other 'outer' planets the effect of  Pluto in any astrology sign is to raise issues which will be experienced by the whole generation. In the personal astrology chart  Pluto by house position and the contacts or aspects 'she' makes to the Angles and the other  planets will show us in what area of life we are most likely to respond or contribute to the 'collective' madness. Pluto's action with-in the birth chart is very often felt deep in side the subconscious mind on a primitive level- 'the thoughts that dare not speak their names'. If we refuse to recognize or 'own' these primitive instincts the result will be transforming in the esteem! Planet Pluto can give rise to events beyond our control which will threaten our very survival yet if we can; bring these instincts to the surface and recognize them as our own- then the planet Pluto will enable us to refine or 'deal' with them on a conscious and conscious level thus gaining control once more. The Pluto process of change can be extremely testing, and due to the slow moving nature of the planet it will always take a time as 'she' first approaches the point of aspect, then stations, and then reverses back over again and so forth. Pluto governs all aspects of others, society, or our self's that is potentially undermining and which we are unwilling to face; control,  domination by power,  the criminal underworld, subversive groups, taboos, urban decay and corruption,  earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, self-transforming therapies and healers, charlatans, any form of uncontrolled power, nuclear energy, sexual reproduction and the orgasm. There is very often a sexual motive behind the actions of Pluto but this is not always so.  

The Planet Pluto - Esoteric Astrology 

Esoteric Astrology-Pluto: Pluto is extremely hot (heat makes more active). The planet Pluto is dry (dry makes distinctions, knows &recognizes differences) and masculine (out going, assertive, seems confident). Pluto's domain is the subconscious mind where primitive instincts often lie buried because we have been taught they are socially undesirable. Planet Pluto also governs any aspect of society that is potentially undermining but which we are unwilling to face - the criminal underworld, subversive groups, taboos, urban decay and corruption; earthquakes and volcanic eruptions; self-transforming therapies and healers; charlatans; any form of uncontrolled power; nuclear energy; depth psychology; sexual reproduction; and the orgasm. The planet Pluto month is November. The planet Pluto number is 11. Pluto's body parts are: genitals, bladder, cervix, anus, genital-urinary tract, prostate gland. Pluto ailments are of the reproductive and excretory systems. It occasions deep changes within whatever condition arises, anything hidden or deep. Pluto esoteric astrology gemstones is most likely - Onyx  l Unique Personal Astrology "be amazed"

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