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Mars Ephemeris  April 2015: The planet Mars starts the month of  April 2015 at 0.14 Taurus.  Mars ends the month at 21.-23 in the same sign of Taurus.

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Planet Facts: At an instinctive level, the planet Mars represen9ts our determination to battle for survival. When threatened, we can either confront a likely aggressor or flee. As we will only fight for what we value, the implications of Mars in our birth chart have to be seen in conjunction with Venus (our sense of "value'). While the planet Venus describes what we value the planet Mars will show us how to preserve and keep what we obtain. Consequently Mars in astrology symbolizes all those qualities which help us achieve our desires and therefore enhances our self-image. Mars astrology represents our initiative, our courage, our physical strength and our stamina. It is through the impulse that the planet Mars gives us the strength and the imprudence to assert ourselves that is why it has acquired its reputation for conflict. In the birth chart the planet  Mars by sign, house position and in aspect with in the astrology chart show how we arouse ourselves to conscious action and reveals the way we spontaneously express our emotions. On other levels Mars is associated with athleticism, sport, war and all military affairs, all forms of coercion, men and male sexuality, selfish desire, anger; passion, panic, frustration. The planet Mars rules guns, iron and all sharp metal instruments, machines and mechanics, technicians, engineers, explosives, fire; fever, inflammation and accidents and operations.    

The Planet Mars -- Esoteric Astrology

The planet Mars esoteric facts are as follows. The planet Mars is a dry (dry makes distinctions-knows and recognizes differences keeps obstacles apart). Mars is hot (heat makes more active, disturbance, anger) The planet Mars is Masculine (Masculine is outgoing, assertive & seems confident) planet. Planet Mars is dignified in the signs of Aries and happy also in  Scorpio. The planet Mars is at it is worst in 'fall' when in the sign of Cancer. Mars is the planet of war, violence danger, action and decisions. The planet Mars gives impetuosity, passion, expansion. The planet Mars is the triumph of force. The planet Mars is straight forward. 'Mars man' will appeal to woman on account of his physical strength and masculine demure. 'Mars man' will not appeal to men with whom he seeks to argument and dominate. Mars represents energy out into the world in order to implement actions and change. Mars colour is bright red. Mars metal is Irion and its day is Tuesday. Mars month is September. Mars number is 9. Mars is how we assert our self.  The body parts ruled by Mars are: head, brain, eyes, face, muscles, pineal gland. Ailments associated with Mars are: anything to do with the head. headache, migraine, sinus problems, head colds, nosebleeds, fever, inflammation, hemorrhage, high blood pressure, eruptions, burns, scalds, insect bites and stings.  Mars gemstones are - Ruby - Coral - Carnelian - Red Jasper - Bloodstone.

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Mars herbs and plants increase the amounts of energy both for health and to put into projects or action. Mars type herbs promote the self both in independence and assertiveness, Mars herbs also tend to stimulate ones passions as well as ones motivation. Herbs herbs are usually red or auburn in colour. Mars plants will often have thorns or prickles such as Barberry, Cacti, Hawthorn, Nettle. Also Mars plants will often have a strong acrid taste such as Capers, Coriander, Garlic, Gentian, Hops, Horseradish, Mustards, Onion, Peppers, Radish, Tarragon.- *See long list and more information at - Mars Herbs & Plants: 

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