The Main Moon Phases & Astrological Uses 

The Main Moon Phases & Astrological Uses 

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The Moon Ephemeris March 2015: The moon cycle starts the month of  March in the constellation of Leo -and ends the month in the constellation of Virgo spending two or three days in each constellation. For further details about the moon, moon cycles and the moons progress throughout the month click here. To know which sign the moon is in today and to understand how it affects us all please click here

Moon Sign Astrology

Just as the Moon reflects the Sun 's light, so in ' moon' astrology the moon signifies a person's instinctive and emotional response to their environment. Where the Sun is connected with action, the Moon ?s domain is reaction. These feelings are largely unconscious in childhood, only coming to light as we become aware of our true selves as signified by the Sun. As a result, the Moon cycle by sign, house position and aspects can reveal a great deal about a person's emotional development as a child, and how these patterns are likely to re-emerge in later life. The Moon also corresponds to the ?feminine? principle. The moon represents our protective instinct; the home environment; our sense of ?belonging, natural habits, eating patterns and preferences. The moon also aluminates our attitudes to the past; changing moods and fortunes (reflecting the cycles of the Moon), the imagination, the ability to reach the public. The moon represents women especially the mother.  

The Moon's - 'Esoteric' Astrology

The moon's effects esoterically are as follows. The moon is a cold (cold makes inactive) The moon is wet (wet blurs distinction, creates sympathy, empathy, unity) The moon is Feminine ( feminine is introspective. shy, moody, not assertive, seems week, seems fearful ). The moon is changeable., The moon is nocturnal a. The moon is only referred to as a "planet" in astrology and is not actually a planet at all. The Moon is happiest when dignified and in the sign of Cancer.  The moon feels worst or is  in 'fall' when she is in the sign of Pisces. The moon sucks or draws in, collects with magnetism, creates a vacuum. The moon receives spiritual input to bring into form. The moon is the mother, the moon is night, it is luck, The moon is also hidden and mysterious things, legacies, journeys and 'moral-mobility'. The moon makes you changeable restless and fond of travel. The moon  often represents the mother or the wife in our birth chart. The moon governs silverBody Parts ruled: breasts, breastbone, stomach, alimentary canal, lower ribs, womb, pancreas. Moon ailments are stomach and digestive complaints, upset stomach, breast disorders, lymphatic system disorders, obesity. The moon s day is Monday The moons month is February. The moon 's  colour is silver. The moon cycles represent our feelings, our emotions and our inner world. The moon's number is 2.The moon the mother "Planet".  The Moon's Gemstones are - Moonstone - Pearl.  

The Moon's Esoteric & Astrological - Herbs / Influence::

The moons herbs often work at the level of the subconscious mind. Moon herbs help to development inner skills like intuition and the psychic powers. Moon herbs are an excellent aid for 'dream-work', moon herbs help when trying to recall the past and dealing with ingrained habits or 'old' conditioning. Moon herbs are usually white, silver or of a rather pale colour- See list at - Moon Herb & Plants: The Moon's cycles  Today's Moon  - Moon astrology - Find your moon sign - Moon transits  - Full moon astrology - Moon phases l Unique Personal Astrology "be amazed" 

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