Sagittarius Astrology - Elements Modes and Triplicities    


          'Esoteric' Astrology Sagittarius - Elements Modes and Triplicities 
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Sagittarius Astrology: Sagittarius is represented by the centaur, the centaur is half horse and half man equipped with a bow and an arrow. The Sagittarius Ruling Planet is Jupiter; Jupiter stands for expansion and wisdom. The Sagittarius Gender is Masculine/ or +; Masculine is positive, outgoing, assertive, seems confident, seems fearless. The Sagittarius Element is Fire. Fire is concerned with enthusiasm; they have initiative, are optimistic and have a faith in the future. Sagittarius�s are usually very much in tune with the young, they are entertaining egotists and they are often very generous too. Sagittarius initiates, but leaves the detail to others; they are not good at saving money but are often "lucky" at getting money when it is needed. The Sagittarius Quality is Mutable; Mutable people fear change and want to just keep the peace, they are however adaptable and they can change to suit any situation. Mutable people can see a project through to the end no mater how many changes and modifications are needed. Those born with this Sagittarius "astrology" are almost always - lateral thinkers. Sag-Exalted-not agreed. The Sagittarius �astrology� Body-parts are- the Hips, Thighs and the Femoral Arteries Sagittarius moon sign:

The 'Esoteric' Zodiac -  Elements Modes -Triplicities

'Esoteric' Astrology Sagittarius - Elements Modes and Triplicities

Cardinal-Fixed-Mutable-Fire-Earth-Air-Water "All elements and modes, planets, quality and Triplicity  for Sagittarius astrology Copy