Pisces Astrology - Elements Modes and Triplicities 


          'Esoteric' Astrology Pisces Elements Modes and Triplicities 
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Pisces Astrology: Pisces is represented by the two fish both tied together but both trying to go in the other direction. The Pisces Ruling Planet is Neptune; Neptune stands for intangibility and idealism. The Pisces Gender is- Feminine/; Feminine is negative, introspective, shy, moody, not assertive, seems weak, seems fearful. The Pisces Element is-Water; Water is concerned with emotions and feelings, endings and transformations, water types seem slow to grasp things, they need family and security. Pisces are faith full people mostly, but they can suffer depression on occasions, they will usually have a liking for music. The Pisces Quality is Mutable; Mutable people fear change and want to just keep the peace. This Pisces "astrology" gives them adaptability and the Pisces type can often morph or change to suit any situation. Mutable Pisces can see a project through to the end no mater how many changes and modifications are needed. Mutable people are lateral thinkers. Pisces is  Exalted by -Venus. Venus stands for harmony and relationships. The Pisces astrology Body-parts are the-Feet

The 'Esoteric' Zodiac -  Elements Modes -Triplicities

'Esoteric' Astrology Pisces - Elements Modes and Triplicities

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