Libra Astrology - Elements Modes and Triplicities 


          'Esoteric' Astrology Libra - Elements Modes and Triplicities 
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Libra Astrology: The Libra astrology sign is represented by the scales Libra�s are very inanimate they have two inseparable parts that they used to �weigh�.  The Libra Ruling Planet is -Venus; Venus stands for harmony and relationships. The Libra Gender is- Masculine; Masculine/ or + is outgoing, assertive, always seems confident and seems fearless. The Libra Element is -Air; Air is concerned with communication, networks, education, theory and ideas. Air types are usually seriously minded, seem to have there own ideas and are good at arguing a point. The Libra Quality/Mode is- Cardinal; Cardinal implies action and initiative - these people are not under any ones thumbs and they will initiate mostly business type ideas. Those born with the Libra "astrology" in their charts have a determination and a desire to succeed, always!. Libra is Exalted by Saturn; Saturn stands for restrictions and for discipline. The Libra astrology -Body-parts are- the Kidneys.  

The 'Esoteric' Zodiac -  Elements Modes -Triplicities

'Esoteric' Astrology Libra - Elements Modes and Triplicities

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