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          'Esoteric' Astrology Leo  Elements Modes and Triplicities 
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Leo Astrology: Leo is represented by the lion which is a majestic animal that a prowl in search of it�s pray. The lion will both peruse and then kill his prey or else it will just blatantly steal it; with no sham at all. Leo the lion looks after his own but will discipline his wife and will some times even kill one of its own children. The lion sleeps in the shade, grooms and hangs out with all the other lions. The Leo Ruling Planet is -The Sun; The Sun stands for power and vitality. The Leo Gender is-  Masculine/+; Masculine is outgoing, assertive and seems confident, seems fearless. The Leo Element is- Fire; Fire is enthusiastic; they have initiative, are optimistic and have a faith in the future. Leo�s are usually very much in tune with the young and are entertaining egotistical and generous. Leo�s are initiators but they will often leave the detail to others, they are not good at saving money but seem to be "lucky" at getting money when it is really needed. Quality Fixed; Fixed people like to stay put in the same job, same house. Those with this "Leo" astrology in their charts will have the strength and endurance to see almost all things through to the end, they are always extremely -steady! Exalted-not agreed. The Leo astrology �Body parts are the-Heart and the Back

The 'Esoteric' Zodiac -  Elements Modes -Triplicities

'Esoteric' Astrology Leo - Elements Modes and Triplicities

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