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          'Esoteric' Astrology Aries Elements Modes and Triplicities 
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Aries Astrology: Aries is represented by the ram t he ram is a strong animal that protects the females and off course is very fertile. The Aries Planet is - Mars; Mars stands for energy and self-assertion. The Aries Gender is- Masculine/+. Masculine is positive outgoing, assertive, seems confident, seems fearless. The Aries Element is- Fire; Fire is concerned with enthusiasm, they have initiative, are optimistic and have a faith in the future. They are usually very much in tune with the young, and are entertaining egotistical and generous. The Aries 'astrology' makes initiators that leave the detail to others. They are not good at saving money but are "lucky" at getting money when needed. Aries Quality/Mode is-Cardinal; Cardinal implies action and initiative, they are not under any ones thumbs. They initiate mostly business ideas. Cardinal types have a determination and a desire to succeed. Aries is Exalted by-The Sun. The Aries astrology- Body parts- are the Head, the Eyes, the Jaw and the Teeth.   Aries moon sign:  

The 'Esoteric' Zodiac -  Elements Modes -Triplicities

'Esoteric' Astrology Aries - Elements Modes and Triplicities

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