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Personal Gemstones                        
For each person's astrology a particular astrological gemstones takes on a positive or a negative attribute. Planets can be strong or weak according to a person's horoscope. A skilled astrologer can identify the strong or weak planets, and once understood then the proper astrological gemstones are prescribed for the specific needs of that person. Gemstones are prescribed only for the strong and positive planets. Planets Influence: Using gemstones to try and ?strengthen? a weakened planet is a very dangerous practice and should never be done. Wearing the wrong astrological gemstones or the wrong gemstones on the wrong finger (each finger has a particular planet associated with it). Or mixing of, wearing at the same time Gemstones in conflict: is also highly detrimental and should never be done. There are different but similar ways to proscribe which planet or planets are right for you the main two being the Vedic or Indian tradition of astrology Graha Shanti or the Arabic and the medieval European tradition Chat Almuten.

Graha Shanti: The Vedic lore of astrological gemstones and their energetic and healing powers.
Graha Shanti
often involves the use of metals, Astrological herbs: and prayer. Gemstones are to be worn are required to be set in a particular metal that it resonates astrologically with. These metals are gold, silver, copper, brass and alloys (mixtures of metals).  Each charm, ring or amulet must be made on the Planets/Gems ruling day. The astrological gemstones used must be of good quality. This means the gems should be ?eye-clean?. One should not be able to see inclusions and infractions in the gemstone when viewed with the naked eye. Small inclusions under magnification are generally regarded as impossible to avoid. Astrological quality gemstones need to be as clean as possible before setting in rings or pendants. The gemstone is to be set open-back so that it is in contact with the skin. Chat Almuten.

Your Guiding Planet: Everyone according to ancient Arabic astrology has a Chat Almuten or Lord of the nativity. A guiding planet a guardian, a way shower that is connected with one of the seven personal planets within our solar system. Our guiding planet can it is said help point us in the way to health happiness and comfort. According to Doctor Marsillio Facino an Italian medieval astrologer and philosopher and a student of Arabic astrology we all have " Daemons" spirit guardians or angels assigned to each of us and the key to which can be found with in the birth chart. Healing should always us materials and substances and activities that relate to these guardian planets. According to Facino and in the Arabic tradition we should immerse our self's in all things relating to our guiding planet not just gemstones but flowers, foods ointments, fumigations and so on. Rings and gemstones are prepared and used in same way as with Vedic method of astrology and the gemstone used would not be in conflict with Vedic astrology

Preparation of astrological herbs for amulets:

Gemstones positive astrological effects (when used to bring the best from strong & positive planets)

Ruby Spinal, red gemstones - the influence will be toward:  Nobility, dignity, power, leadership, confidence, one will be well-read, pious, strong, compassionate and untroubled. Will bring out the better   Qualities of the Sun:

Pearl / Moonstone clear gemstones - the influence will be toward: Good sensitivity, good habits, stability, health, one will be wealthy, industrious and respected. Will bring out the better  Qualities of the Moon:

Emerald / green gemstones- the influence will be toward: Rational, witty, skill, dexterity, worldly-minded, educated, happy, fortunate and highly respected. Will bring out the better  Qualities of Mercury:

Red Coral / Carnelian , red gemstones - the influence will be toward: Positive energy, strength, courage, passion, active, one has great energy, is learned, well-known and regal. Will bring out the better Qualities of Mars:

Diamond / Quartz, colorless gemstones - the influence will be toward: Attractiveness, refinement, grace, elegance, smoothness, one will be humanitarian, long-lived and possess many good qualities. Will bring out the better Qualities of Venus

Yellow Sapphire / Topaz, yellow gemstones - the influence will be toward: Humanitarian, caring, spiritual, optimism, faith, good judgment, one will be a leader of men, powerful, respected, although susceptible to anger. Will bring out the better Qualities of Jupiter

Blue Sapphire / Indicolite, Blue Tourmaline, blue gemstones - the influence will be toward: Discipline, responsibility, realism, durability, humility, one will be long-lived, charitable, lavish, proficient and an affectionate mate. Will bring out the better Qualities of Saturn:

Hessonite Garnet/ Orange Zircon, orange gemstones - the influence will be toward: Originality, inspiration, insight, uniqueness, exotic, wealthy and fortunate.  Will bring out the better Qualities of North Node:

Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye / Fibrolite - the influence will be toward: Spiritualism, intuition, universality, subtleness, sensitivity, one will be  wealthy and protected from evil.



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