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Virgo Astrology Star Sign:

Virgo Star Sign: - The Virgo star sign will express its self mostly in practical ways that manifests results from actions. For those born under this very precise and practical star sign there is a place for everything and everything needs to be in its place. The Virgo star sign is marked by a sharp intellect which is typically used to analyze. Virgo is one of the earth signs of the zodiac which gives those born with in this star sign a need for solid grounding. Virgo is ruled by the fast moving shape-shifting planet Mercury. The Virgo star sign native has an eye for detail and they would do well in careers that require precision and accuracy, those born under the Virgo star sign are methodical and extremely precise. Personal Only To You!  : 

Virgo's are conscientious they are meticulous and organized, they pride themselves on their efficiency and their dedication, the are usually very dependable people. Virgo's on the whole work hard at stability. they have an overwhelming desire to analyzes and to organize. Virgo types are attracted to the kind of knowledge that can be applied usefully.. Virgo's pursue very high standards and that is born out of a realism and a very tight grip on their environment rather than of any high ideals which they may or may not have. In their urge to label to organize to synthesize and precisely understand all the things of life the Virgo can at times become a little obsessive. Virgo's tend to become involved in occupations where they are overworked and underpaid, it is after all the sign of duty and they have a deep seated need to be of service to their fellow man. Humbleness and the ability to work behind the scenes without complaining or pushing them self's forwards often cause Virgos to miss out on opportunities that they deserve. One problem with a Virgo is when and if their analytical skills do start to work over time then they may start to find fault with everything and everybody around them, they can if not careful get a name for being over critical and too exacting. The typical Virgo is modest straight forward down to earth unpretentious and very much in-touch with the common people. Virgo's are loyal they make excellent employees and friends. Virgos feel for other people and are one the most caring and sharing signs of the zodiac  The Virgo Personality

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The Ideal astrological love match for Virgo: Often the Virgo star signs goal is to build a life on very firm foundation. A good education is or can become very important to the Virgo and by virtue is also an important virtue with in a partner. Virgos are by nature often quite shy or insecure and a partner or lover who can inject or encourage self-confidence would help a Virgo promote the often excellent quality's that they have. When frustrated a Virgo can feel trapped and get caught with in the cycle of perfectionism. Because of the desire for security Virgo's may in unsure times worry constantly about the instability of work or life: Balance can be found with in love with a partner for these most trust worthy and loyal types most often with Aries, Taurus, Capricorn or Pisces. Find your true love 

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The Virgo Gemstone

Moss Agate

Helps to Balance the Emotions:
Moss Agate gem stones are said to be good for stress and for bringing relief at times when you are feeling most under pressure. Moss agate it is said helps to balance the emotions and encourages hope and trust. Associated with and said to be especial beneficial and lucky for all those born under the star sign of Virgo astrological sign Moss Agate  Astrology & Gemstones 

The Virgo Ruling Planet

The ruling planet for Mercury is Mercury. The planet Mercury is  dry, nervous, convertible . Mercury colour is light grey or yellow . The Mercury month is May . The planet Mercury number is no 5. Mercury's metal is quick silver, Mercury rules how we think, communicate and exchange thoughts into information and logic transport, commerce, short-distance travel; and the tools of communication. The planet Mercury represents books, newspapers, telephones television computers communication and the media.

The planet Mercury shows whether our opinions are likely to be based on logic or feelings and habits. In its highest expression the planet Mercury symbolizes the power of wisdom and self-knowledge. In his lowest expression the planet Mercury represents the mind of the trickster full of deceit and low cunning. Ruling planet - Mercury

Mercury was the messenger of the Gods and was responsible for conveying information between mortals and the deities residing on Mount Olympus. The planet Mercury carries the torch of conscious though to the rest of the chart offering the opportunity of greater self-awareness along the way. More specifically the planet Mercury by sign, house position and aspects to other planets reveals the mental frequency on which we operate how we think and generally communicate. The planet Mercury also shows our aptitude for learning especially through the contact Mercury makes to other planets. On other levels the planet Mercury corresponds to the workings of the rational, objective mind, early school experiences, reading and writing, languages, debate and discussion.

The Elements and Modes of Virgo: Virgo is Feminine/–.  The Virgo element is the Earth . Virgo's quality is Mutable . Virgo is ruled by Mercury and is exalted by Mercury. Virgo body-parts are the Abdomen and Intestines Virgo elements and triplicities.

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