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Taurus Astrology Star Sign:

Taurus Star Sign: - The Taurus star sign is the sign of the builder and the earth and those born under its influence usually have a lot of patients and are extremely grounded. Preservation is an important part of the Taurus star sign and the bull represents a fixed motivation that will seek first to stabilize and then to produce. Taurus is ruled by Venus and many people undervalue the Venus type because they look to be easygoing and perhaps a little weak, this is seldom the case however!  Personal Only To You!  : 

Taurus folks can be extremely faithful they always have a strong need for security and a real need to feel settled. The Taurus native has warmth and sensuality and an appreciation of all the finer things in life. The Taurus personality is motivated by a need for security, they can be extremely good at business and they are often people that can be trusted to carry things through with the up most care and patience Taurus folk tend to worry about money so they not tend to live beyond their means and they will never if they can help it be with out work for very long at a time, they can be jealous of richer or more successful people but they may miss out on reaching such dizzy heights for themselves because they tend to act a little on the slow side. With Taurus folk you know exactly where you are and in the extreme they can at times become tedious and perhaps a little boring! The Taurus individuals are concerned with growth and protection and whilst being the typical strong and silent type they can unwittingly appear to be ignorant or self-centered on occasions! Unfortunately the Taurus influence can lead the native to be over committed to their own preservation and over cautious in their approach. Taurus is probably one of the most reliable signs in the entire zodiac. The Taurus Personality:   


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The Ideal astrological love match for Taurus : The Earth element of Taurus brings with it strength and the desire for solid grounding plus a need for structure and for form. Taurus is ruled by Venus the planet of love, Taurus has a large capacity for love not only on a physical and kindness level but the Taurean also brings a great deal of emotional depth into a relationship too. Friends as well as lovers will come to rely on the warmth the generosity and the emotional accessibility of the Taurean. Taurus represents consistency, loyalty, and patience which must be a big plus in any relationship.  This sign's Yin energy can go too far and Taureans on occasions will and can become very slow and sometimes they may levitate towards laziness. The balance in this love match comes only with a reliable partner, one that satisfies the Taurus's need for stability but also allowing for controlled action and accomplishments. Taurus's best match may be; with out full chart evaluation either a Virgo  Libra or a Scorpio and possibly on occasions with a Capricorn. Find your true astrology love matchh 

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The Taurus Gemstone

A Powerful Charm for Taurus : Carnelian dispels apathy, promotes energy creativity and compassion. The carnelian gem stone is said to help balance the emotions and the intellect. Carnelian makes a powerful good luck charm for Taurus or people born in the month of May. Ruled by Taurus ruling planet Venus. Ruling day Wednesday. CarnelianCarnelian Jewelry | Carnelian › Bracelets Carnelian › Charms | Astrology & Gemstones 

The Taurus  Ruling Planet

The ruling planet for Taurus is Venus. The planet Venus is temperate, moist, (qualities) fruitful, and magnetic. The Venus month is July, its day is Friday. Venus's metal is copper. The Venus colour is light blue. The Venus number is 6. The planet of Venus fosters benevolence, cheerfulness and an has an inclination towards pleasure that can incline to selfishness and self centered behavior on occasions.

The planet Venus is named after the goddess of love, beauty, aesthetics and sensuality. The planet Venus traditionally refers to our need for relationships, affection and harmony. Venus rules and effects the arts, style, taste, physical attraction, close partnerships of all kinds, women and feminine sexuality; our physical well-being; money and all means of exchange; diplomacy and vanity The planet Venus is happiest when in either the sign of Libra or Taurus . At a more fundamental level the planet Venus is concerned with what attracts and repels us, and how we respond to these influences, its main principle here is one of weighing up - of trying to decide what is good or bad according to how we perceive our needs which often results in a sharing or a co-pertaining behavior. In terms of love the planet Venus reveals our reaction when we meet the 'love situation' rather than how we express ourselves emotionally. Venus

The elements and modes of Taurus: Taurus is Feminine/. The Taurus element is Earth  The quality is Fixed. Taurus is ruled by Venus and is exalted by the Moon. The Taurus body-parts are the Throat and the Neck.  Elements and modes of Taurus

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