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The Taurus Astrological Personality:  + Practical, reliable, patient, persistent, solid, determined, industrious, strong willed, sensuous, affectionate, warm hearted, trustworthy.- Lazy, possessive, self-indulgent, dull, inflexible, unoriginal, unimaginative, greedy, stubborn, resentful

Taurus is the astrology sign of the builder and of the earth. Those people born with the Taurus astrological "profile" are extremely faithful they have a strong need for security and a real need to feel settled. The Taurus Sun sign can be highly romantic and very sensitive and sensual when in love. People born under the influence of Taurus usually have a lot of patients and are extremely grounded. With Taurus folk you know exactly where you are. The Taurus personal profile brings warmth and sensuality and an appreciation of all the finer things in life. Taurus values the environment and they are usually concerned with its preservation. Unfortunately the Taurus influence can lead the native to be over committed to their own preservation and over cautious in their approach. Those born with the Taurus astrology profile in the extreme can consequently become tedious and perhaps a little boring! The Taurus native whilst being the typical strong and silent type can unwittingly appear to be ignorant and self-centered on some occasions! The Taurus personality is motivated by a need for security they are good astrology for business they are people that can often be trusted to carry things through with extreme care.

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