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The Taurus Personality: Taurus people can be extremely faithful and solid as they always have a strong need for security. Taurus people have a warmth and sensuality, they appreciation of all the good things that life has to offer. The Taurus astrology is always motivated by a need for security and thus they can be extremely good at business as they are often people that can be trusted to keep things moving along with great care and patience Taurus people do tend to worry about money though and they do not like to live beyond their means, they will never if they can help it be with out work for long ever. Taurus astrology types can get jealous of richer or more successful people than them self's though they will often miss out on reaching the top themselves because they will always act slowly and carefully- (No wild gambles for the Taurus business-person). With Taurus you know exactly where you are as they are always so reliable, and in the when acting in the extreme they can become tedious and a little boring! Taurus are concerned with growth, protection, and whilst being the typical strong silent type they can unwittingly appear ignorant or even self-centered at times. Unfortunately the Taurus person can over committed to their own preservation and over cautious in their approach. Taurus is  one of the most reliable astrology signs of the entire zodiac. Aries Taurus - Gemini  - Cancer - Leo  - Virgo  - Libra  - Scorpio - Sagittarius  - Capricorn  - Aquarius - Pisces

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