Learning to Read theTaro Cards    

Learning to Read theTaro Cards 

FREE Easy Learn Tarot Card Readings Lessons: Lesson No 1) Learning to Read the Major Cards- Lesson No1  ~  Lesson No 2) Learning to Read the Numbered Cards  ~  Lesson No 3) Learning to Read the Court Cards  For Professional Tarot Card Readings by Email at Only $10 Please-Click Here
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Learning to Read the Tarot Lessons 1- 3

Not 1-The Fools Journey

The fools journey is a look at all of the major acany, or major tarot cards. Once you have mastered the meanings and the fools story as told by these remarkable cards you will be well on your way to learning the tarot and, having a deeper understanding of the journey through life its self! - Click the link at the bottom where there is the full meaning for each and every Major tarot card plus some very easy to do daily practice exercises; -             Learning-Tarot No1


  No 2 The Numbered Cards

The easy learning the tarot system continues with lesson 2 - Mastering the 'Numbered Cards' by first learning the meanings of the 4 elements earth, fire, water, air, and then the basics of numerology 0 to 10 - With this method you will also have a terrific insight into viewing the world "esoterically", the fascinating world of numerology and the elements. This is the best and the easiest system for learning what some people find quite difficult -The numbered tarot cards. -Learning-Tarot No2

No 3: The Court Cards

The last and final learning into mastering the tarot is the court cards, the Kings, the Queens, the Knights & the Naves. Theses usually represent actual people in a tarot card spread. If you have learned your lessons 1 & 2 well you are now on your way to becoming a 'gifted' tarot reader as you have you already learned the basics to these cards just a little bit more to learn now and that is it Good Luck and happy readings Richard TM. -                                Tarot--Lesson No3   

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