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Learning to Read the Tarot – The “Trump” Cards Traditional Meanings - Tarot Card Readings

If you wish to learn the tarot the first thing you need to do is learn the simplest traditional meanings of the major or 'trump' tarot cards - Learn and understand these cards first and you will soon find your self doing meaningful 'just' trumps tarot readings - The 'trumps' cards are the more  spiritual tarot cards and when used on their own are for the more serous readings - You first daily "learn Tarot" exercises.

The Major (Trump Cards) Tarot Acany Meanings 
(Learning theses would be your very first step to learning to read the tarot cards)

Card - No 0 – The Fool in a tarot reading......Time to take a new path. You may have come to a 'cross roads' and must now decide which path to take. The fool may also offer some protection but you must be aware of pitfalls on the road ahead.

Card - No 1 - The Magician in a tarot reading......The Magician is no1 and he stands for 'creation', the tools and the know how are there in front of the enquirer. The magician has only to find the opportunity to put his skills into use. The magician tarot card also has a slight of hand and a cuing that can; work against you – Beware of smooth talkers and tricksters when the Magician tarot card makes his appearance in a spread

Card - No 2 - The High Priestess in a tarot reading......Look with-in and you may now find the answer to that which you seek. Some disappointment or 'lessons' may now be in store as the journey with-in can often be a painful one too. Hidden knowledge is often foretold when the High Priestess appears with-in a tarot card spread.

Card - No 3 - The Empress in a tarot reading......Fertility, expansion, and plenty - May now come your way. A good time to start a new project – happiness and fulfillment may now be yours: But beware all those that stand out side of the empress's matriarchal 'clan'.

Card - No 4 – The Emperor in a tarot reading......The Emperor bodes well for all those that seek success. The Emperor may be a pow full and influential person who may make or break another – so beware!

Card - No 5 – The Pope in a tarot reading......The “Sacred Marriage” - Relationships may be under a positive influence. May also indicate a new or a choice of paths – And, a parting of the ways.

Card - No 6 – The Lovers in a tarot reading......An encounter with someone/something that brings joy. But may indicate that something also has to change – But always remember; when the lovers tarot card appears in a spread that there are three people in the card and three is an 'out of balance' number!

Card - No 7 – The Chariot in a tarot reading......All the hard work may now pay off - You have gained control.... or, This card may relate to travel - often by car, bus or train.

Card - No 8 – Justice in a tarot reading......Justice and a balancing of negative to positive behavior will now take place. Events can now go either way - depending upon the moral integrity of the subject. This card can mean an impending lawsuit or legal procedures of some sort.

Card - No 9 – The Hermit in a tarot reading......Time to retreat – time for some quite deep inner reflection. May mean someone with some good solid advise, or; a time of being on ones own.

Card - No 10- Wheel of Fortune in a tarot reading......Your luck and your life are about to change should you draw this most auspicious card with-in your tarot spread – General a positive card (but not always!) New beginnings - opportunities and a change in luck – A new cycle.

Card - No 11 – Strength in a tarot reading......Who will dare to heal the savage beast? - Strength from with-in must always be measured and controlled – No shows of bravado here or the wrong messages may be sent – The fool must do now, what the fool must - Do now.

Card - No 12- The Hanged Man in a tarot reading......When the hanged man appears in a spread your life may be put on hold and all in your life may just hang for a wile. There may be a feeling of loss or a need to make a sacrifice of some kind with this card. Actions will not be the best option, wait and look with-in or wait and see.

Card - No 13- Death in a tarot reading......A sweeping away of all that is old and obsolete in your life. Death is not only a clearing away but a re-newel and new growth. Look for the silver lining when death card appears in a tarot spread.

Card - No 14- Temperance in a tarot reading......This card is primary all about balance harmony and moderation. With the Temperance tarot card in your spread you must now get the balance exactly right and you must now exercise moderation with in all of your actions.

Card - No 15- The Devil in a tarot reading......The Devil card when it appears in your spread may indicate a tie or a 'bondage' to someone through circumstance. The devil tarot cards appearance is getting you in touch with your more base instincts This card has mostly to do with sex, money, power and control. You may now feel locked into this course or you may feel out of control. The devil card is at best, a stark warning!`

Card - No 16- The Tower in a tarot reading......Do not try to hang on when the Tower tarot card appears with-in a spread. You must let go and let the Pluto card take its coarse of action. Changes of a negative, a positive or of a mixed nature are now taking place. Get your life in order - Change your planes if need be – But be prepared - for all that the Tower touches will be swept away!

Card - No 17- The Star in a tarot reading......The Star tarot card is affectionately called the wish card. All you wish for or deeply desire may now come to fruition. A word of warning though – be car full what you wish for: A positive and fruitful tarot card on the face of it.

Card - No 18- The Moon in a tarot reading......The moon in some spreads may bring on an inner kind of depression, though not often severe. All will not be clear with-in the light of the moon, deception and wishful thinking may now cloud your out-look. Do not believe all that you are told and trust ultimately only on your inner guiding light and your feelings!

Card - No 19- The Sun in a tarot reading......The Sun tarot card will bring joy and light in to any tarot spread. A sense of knowing or of realist ion often after a period of uncertainty or of doubt may now lift your spirits. The Sun brings a sense of joy illumination and creativity.

Card - No 20- Judgment in a tarot reading......The Judgment tarot card brings a feeling of rising up in the most gentile way. Often following a period of lose, separation or isolation - Let the healing process begin with the card of dharma and a balancing of your actions here in this life now - Bodes well.

Card - No 21- The World in a tarot reading......The World signifies that the cycle is complete. The World tarot card indicates the successful completion of the matter in hand. All will bond and come together as one and a new door, a new path or a new plan will open up - the journey ends and begins once more.


Your First - Daily Tarot Exercise

A simple exercise to start with would be to shuffle the cards (*keep the cards up-right while shuffling and shuffle them gently to you "feel" to stop - cut three times with your left hand and then take the cards from the top of the pack) and then to pull out just one card each day as your 'daily' tarot card – giving you the flavor of the day. Remember when using the major cards daily you must take the meaning to be 'mundane' (every day events) and not to put too much meaning behind the card.

After a while try pulling two cards from the pack each day and practice blending or joining the cards meanings together – go with you feelings and what the images first represent to you, with in the confines of the meanings above. For more information and interesting tarot links please see - Tarot Information:


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