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Lesson No 2 The Numbered Cards   


Learning to Read the Tarot Lesson No 2 – The Elements And The Basics of Numerology:

The easy learn the tarot system continues with lesson 2  - 'Mastering the 'numbered cards' - By learning the meanings of the 4 elements earth, fire, water, air, and then by learning the basics of numerology - numbers 0 to 10, not only will you learn to read the tarot in supper quick time with these two methods but you will also have a terrific insight into a new way of viewing and understanding the world - the tarot will help open up a whole new understanding of life. This is I think the best and the easiest way,  of learning what some people find quite difficult the numbered tarot cards so please persevere - do and keep up your daily exercises at the end of the text- bottom of the page and you will soon be a competent tarot reader in your own right. Good luck and enjoy, Richard TM.

Learning to Read the Tarot Lesson No  2 - Begins with the 4 elements - earth, fire, water and air - Learn there meaning well.

Air/Swords - The element of air is represented by the swards suite in the tarot pack it stands for the mind., communications, thinking, understanding & Learning. Air's main function is to understand, assimilate and to communicate information to others.  *When you see the suite of swords in a tarot spread it has mostly to do with thoughts, words and with communications. Key words:  Mind. Communications. Thinking. Understanding & Learning

Fire/Wands - The element of fire is represented by the wands suite in the tarot pack it stands for action, creative, being selfish, playfulness, sex and  aggressive. Fires main function is to action and to the creative expression of the self.  *When you see any wands tarot cards in a spread it will mainly have to do with either energy, career or deals. Key words: Action, Creative, Selfish, Playful, Sexy, Aggressive.

Earth/Coins - The element of earth is represented by the coins suite in the tarot pack it stands for - all things materialistic, being practical, it is conservative,  slow and grounding. Earths main function is towards tangible events to duty to ones self and to others in an 'object' or needs kind of a way. When you see coins tarot cards in a spread it is mostly concerned with 'outer' events- money and goods. Key words: Materialistic, Practical, Conservative, Slow, Grounding

Water/Cups - The element of water is represented by the cups suite in the tarot pack it stands for feelings, love, relationships, spirituality,  and fantasy. Waters main function is towards feelings and the way one 'feels' rather than 'thinks'. When you see cups in a tarot card spread it will have mainly to do with relationships, creativity, fertility, beauty and with feelings. - Key words:  Love, Relationships, Spirituality & Fantasy

Daily exercise No1 - A simple exercise to start with to learn the fore elements as above would be at the end of each day go through the days events in your mind and note one or two significant events – Then you try to tie the main thrust of the thing down to one of the fore elements and each segment or person as well, was you/they acting in a air (communicative or intellectual way) or where you/they more aggressive and “fiery”? etc - This is a great way to learn the elements at a grass roots level and to get to understanding them with-in your every day life and  thinking.

Learning to Read the Tarot  Lesson No 2  - The Basic of Numbers 0-10:

No 0 –  On its own or added to a number stands for or adds to positively it stands for transformation and, intense events, negatively - compulsion, extremism, or vindictiveness. Key words:   (Positive) - Transformation, Intense Events:   (Negative) - Compulsion, Extremism, Vindictiveness. 0 - Makes any other number more bowlful

No 1 - Key words:  (Positive) Start, Dynamics, Enthusiasm, Creativity (Negative) Ego, Bossy, Selfish, Authoritarian.

No 2 - Key words:  (Positive) Balance, Being-Receptive, Sensitivity-Caring (Negative) Grasping, Moody, Irritable

No 3 - Key words:  (Positive) Expansion, Travel, Optimism (Negative) Risks in Business, Foolishness, Pessimism.

No 4 - Key words: (Positive) Stable, Hard Work, Dependable, Inventive (Negative) Fixed, Demanding, Aggressive Authoritarian.

No 5 - Key words:  (Positive) Communities, Analytical, Versatile, (Negative) Nervous, Critical, Gossipy, Out-of-Balance 

No 6 - Key words:  (Positive) Balanced, Beauty, Harmony (Negative) Judgmental, Shallow, Jealous

No 7 - Key words:  (Positive) fantasy, Dreams, Psychic, Artistic (Negative) Deluded, Fantasy, Unclear, Sacrificial

No 8 - Key words:  (Positive) Structure, Strong, Detection, Ambition (Negative) Fear, Over-Cautious, Restrictive.

No 9 - Key words:  (Positive) Wisdom, Experience, Assertive, (Negative) Exploiting, Aggressive, Temperamental, Accidents

No 10 - Key words: (Positive) End of Cycle, Completion, Developed (Negative) Extremism, Over-Confident, and Abuse of Power.

* Now putting it all together the elements or suites combined with the numbers make up the numbered cards-  they are as follows..

Learning to Read the Tarot  Lesson No 2  - The Meanings of the Numbered Tarot Cards

Wands in a Tarot Card Reading - Coins in a Tarot Card Reading - Swards in a Tarot Card Reading - Cups in a Tarot Card Reading

Wands in a Tarot Card Reading: represents the Fire element with-in the tarot pack: Key words: Action, Creative, Selfish, Playful, Sexy, Aggr

No1 Wands: - renewal, beginnings, inspiration, the seed of new creative venture, business or deal. This card brings with it optimism and inventiveness as well as brand new opportunities and potential for progress.

No2  Wands  – a partnership  yet to be fulfilled, two people involved - drawn towards a common goal. A balance between riches and poverty must be

No 3  Wands  – success needs adding too. Opportunity and success is now possible – knowledge and skill is needed now in order to expand or to reach out.

No 4 Wands  – potential for progress, renewal, new beginnings and inspiration, the seed of new beginnings. Creative venture or business deal. This card brings optimism inventiveness and brand new opportunities

No 5  Wands: - Delays difficulties problems, may be from opposition. Things may seem in control but the opposite is likely to be true – Look for Alternatives?

No 6 Wands: -Success is now on the cards and you have won through - But be on your guard as you are only very nearly there, so be cautious or you could lose all of you hard won ground!

No 7 Wands: - a struggle is at hand to stay on top of the situation. Keep up the fight to win through, do not give ground.

No 8 Wands: - Travel/actions of a quiche nature- monumental will carry you forwards to achieve your goals. The build up and the results from work already done.

No 9 Wands: - Success but the struggle has been hard! Fatigue and weariness after many mistakes, but rest assured you are now nearly there – Keep vigilant!

No10  Wands: - This is a hard burden to carry. Get ready for some hard work/setbacks, that you will (just) be able to manage.

Coins in a Tarot Card Reading: represents the Earth element with-in the tarot pack: Key words: Materialistic, Practical, Conservative, Slow, Grounding

No 1 Coins: -  initial rewards from financial venture, or initial actions. Care must be taken - do not forget that no1 is a small number so the rewards at this stage may be like-wise

No 2 Coins: - a deteriorating financial situation. You must prioritize your spending - your finances need balancing – Not enough money could be the message hear.

No 3 Coins: - foundations are now in place, it is now time for the details. Success through skill will come from expertise and professionalism, if 'out-sourcing' get the very best  that you can

No 4 Coins: - Be careful what you spent – money spent now may be needed very soon. Hold that money,

No 5 Coins: -  a down turn in living style. A need to find an alternative source of money, a tiding over, a depressed financial state.

No 6 Coins: - The card of philanthropy – good deeds, giving charitably, service or help to the community - Or is a favor being returned? as one good dead deserver another!

No 7 Coins: - Be patient now as all the work has been done and it is now time to see what will be reaped. A time to wonder and wait, possibly a difficult time in the mean time – just wondering if?

No 8 Coins: - Learning by doing, new skills but often mistakes as we learn – see do and repeat./ Or must we put a limit on what we do for others as they may wish too much for too little

No 9 Coins: - The 9 is almost the end of the cycle and a level of earnings has been reached –  rest and enjoy now  the benefits of your efforts.

No 10 Coins: - Money from either family of from enterprise – positive finical results and working for a more prosperous future.

Swards in a Tarot Card Reading: represents  the Air element with-in the tarot pack: Key words:  Thoughts, Words, Communications and  Mind

No 1 Swards: - indicates new vigor or moving towards something good , strength in adversary against others . The ace of swords has a 'karmic' vibe so events could be unexpected or abrupt.

No 2 Swards: - reality check + difficult choice. The two of swords means an argument or a parting of the ways – no point of common ground is now likely

No 3 Swards: - loss, separation, broken words. Can mean heartbreak or someone or something that must now be cut lose from your life.

No 4 Swards: - Stop, nothing must be done for a while – the card of mediation or a stopping of action possibly due to ill health. The answer will come!

No 5 Swards: - 5 the number of alternatives, walk a way. Mostly 'verbal' problems a battle that can not be won head on! Accept and think of alternatives with this card.

No 6 Swards: - A moving on from troubles, a lot may have been put in emotional but now the situation must be 'balanced. Moving to better place (emotionally).

No 7 Swards: - Not a truthful card, some-times indicates deceit and slander. Guard your secrets well and take care of what you say – words may be twisted in fantasy

No 8 Swards: - The bondage of silence or a fear of others thinking or words. A feeling of self imposed fear comes with the 8 of swards, entrapped by the past.

No 9 Swards: - Extreme fear and anxiety comes from with-in. Worry and fear engulf the person,  a need to share and talk to ease ones own worry's.

No 10 Swards: - Betrayed often by those close bye – Do not hope for the best as words against you may have reached a peak. Any thing to do with liaisons with others is best now avoided.

Cups in a Tarot Card Reading: represents represents the water element with-in the tarot pack: Key words: Love, Relationships, Spirituality & Fantasy

No 1 Cups: - potential for great happiness and feelings, potential is there the start has been made -the situations now needs a great deal of care to bring it to full potential.

No 2 Cups: - Brings happiness and good harmony between two people. Or the  meeting with another who brings about happiness and harmony.

No 3 Cups: - A successful out-come. A positive card with plenty of fun – possible outings, parties or celebrations with lots of fun.

No 4 Cups: - Brings about doubtful feelings! Will the person get what they truly desire? Uncertainty prevails.

No 5 Cups: - Melancholy prevails and an upset could be at hand. A time to learn gather 'good' resources and make the most of.

No 6 Cups: - Good times past. Friends family and good times could be in mind, a balancing of the past and now – some how!

No 7 Cups: - both changes and choices. Which path shall I now take may be question but a profusion and a confusion of choice is now available – think wisely

No 8 Cups: - An emotional risk may now be called for, a sense of the unknown and the unsure. A large amount of emotional input may now have to be abandoned, for the better- ultimately.

No 9 Cups: - Full of happiness, wellbeing. A good times card with plenty to go around – good luck!

No 10 Cups: - The cycle of happiness is completed and now all is in harmony. You have or will achieve your hearts desire – Success is in the cards.

Daily Tarot Exercises - Lesson No 2

A simple exercise to start with to learn the elements would be at the end of each day go through the days events in your mind and note one or two significant events – Then you try to tie the main thrust of the thing down to one of the fore elements and each segment or person as well, was you acting in a air (communicative or intellectual way) or where you/they more aggressive and “fiery”? etc - This is a great way to learn the elements at a grass roots level and to get to understanding them with-in your every day thinking.

A great way to learn the basics of numbers is to start looking at all the numbers in your life – Your birth day, door number, age ect and so on to see how they relate to that part of your life. Look also at names that can be converted quit easily into numbers see the table bellow – Use it on your self and all of your friends and you will soon start to learn how the basics number system works - then you can you tie the number into the elements and you will start to interrupt the tarot numbered cards on a much deeper and institutive level than you ever thought possible. Look also at the meanings of the numbered tarot cards (see below) and you will soon get a good understanding of how the two elements work together

First daily tarot exercise (Lesson No1) Expanded - Your first tarot reading - Once mastered upon shuffling the cards lay face down cut into three and 'instinctively place together again. From the top of the pack take three cards in order and lay face down in a row on the table. Turn over all three cards and from the right start to read - Card 1 = the situation. Card 2 = your best action Card 3 = the probable outcome should you take the action in card 2 and there you have it your first tarot reading, use it for questions and 'situations' it is probably the classic tarot reading and will serve you well when time is short or you wish simply to get straight to heart of things. –Good Luck:  Article/ by Richard Tarqine Munster 


See - Lesson no 3: "Meet the Family" -Your next step will be the final lesson in mastering the tarot  is lesson no 3: "Meet the Family" and learning the meanings of the court cards, the Kings, the Queens, the Knights and the Naves and that is it (for a start!) and If you have learned your lessons well you are now a competent and in time hopefully 'gifted' tarot reader. - the court cards see Tarot--Lesson-3- 

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