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Discover now the benefits that modern astrology fully computerized reports or 1 to 1 consultations can bring to your life. You can now gain all the knowledge and insight that was previously only available to royalty the aristocracy and the  privileged few
- Your Own 1 on 1 Astrological Consultations or Personal Vedic Astrology Consultations

 Personal Astrology Consultaions  Personal Astrology is no longer an obscure science meant only to be understood by the select few. Personal astrology consultations are all about you and your potential in this lifetime, they are a tool to greater self-awareness and greater self-understanding. Personal astrology allows you to move through life with a clearer idea of who you are and a clearer perspective of your experiences and the experiences of all those around you.  Personalised astrology has a strong and reliable predictive capability that can help us to understand our future and the effect it will have upon us probably better than any other predictive or consultancy medium. Timing in life can quit often be everything so knowing what is coming up over  the entire year or the next few months can help us to be prepared and to take advantage of all the opportunities that may be coming our way. Personal astrology consultations can make us aware and be prepared for all those events and energies that may not usually be so welcome in our life's and may be turn them around.?  

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Personal Vedic Astrology and Consultations

 Personal 1 on 1 Astrological Consultations What is Vedic Astrology  - Vedic astrology is the modern name for the ancient form of astrology now used in India. Vedic astrology is sometimes referred to as 'Hindi astrology' or 'Indian astrology' but the correct name is Jyotish which is derived from a Sanskrit word jyotisa which means, light or heavenly body. In its broadest terms Vedic astrology is used mostly as a predictive medium, not only in personal astrology but also for countries or businesses. Vedic astrology like so called 'western' astrology (which was derived in the middle ages from the middle east) focuses on planets and heavenly bodies and their relationship to the person or the country not only at the time of birth but also to how those particular bodies are positioned now in relationship to the birth time.

 Personal Astrology Consultaions  The Vedic Horoscope - The two main differences between western and Vedic astrology are in the time system used in the horoscope to classify the 'houses' or airers of life that the planets are placed in and in the interpretation method. Vedic astrology uses what are called 'Yoga's' to interpret the energies or influences from particular planets or configurations. The 'Yoga's' used in Vedic astrology are originally from the old sankrit texts and form part of a much larger system of philosophy than astrology alone, this is where Vedic astrology really starts to differ and to widen into a more holistic or all inclusive approach to life and the possibilities,

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