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Scorpio Astrology Star Sign

Scorpio Star Sign:- The Scorpio horoscope is not the easiest star sign in the zodiac to live with or to work with - sometimes that may be the case but the Scorpio's positive traits are not often talked about. Scorpio is a fixed and therefore a committed sign once a comment is made a Scorpio will put their whole heart into it and make sure that it either works or If the enterprise turns out to be absolutely unworkable well at least they have given it their best very shot before they move on. The Scorpio start sign natives are ready to try a new hobby to meet new people or visit an area and their good solid fixed mode mean that the Scorpio make very reliable friends, neighbors, relatives and employees. The Scorpio star sign natives are born to go through a great deal of personal transformations. Personal Only To You!  : 

Scorpio has had a very bad press. Some say that those born within the Scorpio star sign are over-sexed, that they are untrustworthy they bully become obsessive and have a liking for drink – this is unfair and not at all always the case. The Scorpio type can at times be vindictive and brooding and on rare occasions they may "never forget". Scorpio people having an inner self destruct button, which they will push with compulsion from time to time. Scorpio types have very intense personalities they all have hidden depths, they do have a great compassion and they are able to reach out to others in times of trouble there element is water which can be both receptive and introverted this makes them somewhat enigmatic. Scorpio's accept the feelings that others cannot handle, many doctors and surgeons have a Scorpio sun sign. Scorpio individuals tend to have incredible personal magnetism and they make loyal and devoted friends. Scorpio is one of the least fearful signs in the zodiac and they can with out doubt make  life very interesting for all those around them. The Scorpio Personality 

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The Scorpio Lover
( How to attract a Scorpio lover - Video)

The Ideal astrological love match for Scorpio : Those people born with a Scorpio star sign can be very secretive which can make it hard for them to confront romantic problems head on. The Scorpio native will take their love affairs very seriously, which can lead them to much jealousy. Scorpio sun signs have an inbuilt respect for strength and they understand and need their independence, they do have trouble coping with anyone who needs to be treated as they see it too genteel. Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, Pluto is a powerful force for renewal and for regeneration, perhaps this is the reason why Scorpios when in a relationship are capable of the greatest metamorphosis. You will find great love, feeling, desire and sensitivity when involved romantically with the mysterious Scorpio. The fixed quality of Scorpio gives this zodiac sign a desire for stability. Without some positive energy the Scorpio native can and will; often go to extremes. The more devious Scorpio may use his or her inner strength or will to exert power and control over others. Love can for these types become a much stronger passion than even the Scorpio them self's can handle, then possessiveness or jealousy can and will surface. Independence brings a balance to the Scorpio. The Scorpio star sign with inner security can let partners explore and at the same time remain receptive to their needs. Consequently all things being equal with in the birth chart the most compatible astrological lovers for a Scorpio star sign are most likely either a Taurus, Cancer or a Pisces. Find your true love

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The Scorpio Gemstone


Increases Courage, Dispels Negativity: Topaz: is an energizing gem stone that stimulates the intellect, these gem stones increase courage, and dispels negativity. Wear any type of topaz crystals to protect against injury or attack. Topaz bracelets are worn on the left wrist and are said to keep away evil spirits and all forms  of enchantment, they are said to bring happiness, longevity, beauty and intelligence. Topaz is one other most widely used gems to help achieve better financial status. It is also believed that if there are obstructions in finding a suitable  match for a girl she may get married by wearing a Topaz crystal. Yellow topaz - improves vision, gives life security, protects one from poverty, removes adversity, misfortune and melancholy. Topaz rings should always be worn on the 'Jupiter' or Index finger. Topaz is said to bring happiness, longevity, beauty, intelligence, and good luck when worn by persons born in under the star sign Scorpio or in the month of November . Ruled by Scorpio the ruling planet is Pluto. Topaz Jewelry  Astrology & Gemstones
The Scorpio Ruling Planet

Scorpio's ruling planet is Pluto. Pluto is masculine/+, Pluto is extremely hot  and  dry. Pluto's month is November.  The planet  Pluto's number is 11. Pluto rules or governs - the criminal underworld, subversive groups, taboos, urban decay and corruption; earthquakes and volcanic eruptions; self-transforming therapies and healers; charlatans; any form of uncontrolled power; nuclear energy; depth psychology; sexual reproduction; and the orgasm. 

Pluto the planet of change and transformation. Pluto resonates deep in side the subconscious mind were the primitive instincts lie just beneath the surface. If we refuse to recognize or 'own' these primitive instincts it is then Pluto can give rise to events beyond our control which threaten our very survival yet if we can except and recognize theses instincts then Pluto will enable us to refine them so that eventually all aspects of our personality can be brought under our own conscious control. Such a process of change may be extremely testing, since it involves breaking down old self-images before a new and more complete self is able to emerge. There is very often a sexual or a controlling motive behind the actions of Pluto but this is not always the case. The planet Pluto governs all aspects of others society or our self's that is potentially undermining and which we are unwilling to face. Ruling planet Pluto.

The Elements and Modes of Scorpio : Scorpio is Feminine/–. The Scorpio element is -Water.. The quality is Fixed. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and is exalted- not agreed. Scorpio body-parts are the Genitals. Scorpio elements and triplicities.  

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