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The Scorpio Astrological Personality:  + Powerful feelings and emotions, committed, loyal, imaginative, discerning, subtle, persistent and determined: -over emotional, hypersensitive, moody, devious, changeable, self-pitying, unforgiving, unstable, gullible, untidy, secretive -.

The Scorpio will take their love affairs very seriously, which can lead them to much jealousy. Those people born with a Scorpio astrological "profile" can be very secretive which can make it hard for them to confront romantic problems head on. A Scorpio astrology profile makes for a very intense personality they will all have hidden depths. The Scorpio personality has a great compassion - they are able to reach out to others in times of trouble. The Scorpio Sun signers accept the feelings that others cannot handle, many doctors and surgeons have a Scorpio sun sing. Scorpio individuals tend to have incredible personal magnetism and will make loyal and devoted friends. Those people born with this star sign are often not averse to using their deep understanding of others to gain power over them for their own ends. The Scorpio person has a fascination with power and how it is used over others. The Scorpio type can at times be vindictive and brooding and on rare occasions they may "never forget". Scorpio people having an inner self destruct button, which they will push with compulsion from time to time. Scorpio is one of the least fearful signs in the zodiac and they can with out doubt make  life very interesting on occasions, Scorpio's are the reformers of the zodiac.

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