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The Sagittarius Astrological Personality:  + Jovial, optimistic, versatile, open-minded, philosophical, sincere, frank, visionary:  - Tactless, restless, careless, boisterous, irresponsible, boastful, likely to exaggerate, lazy, wasteful, moralizing..- ..

Those people born with the Sagittarius astrological profile just love to be footloose and fancy free and when in a relationship they make it as enjoyable and as much fun as possible. Normally a Sagittarius astrology profile native is very gregarious but they will gladly find the time for that special relationship when they are ready. Those born with the Sagittarius astrological "profile" are very warm and caring but their lighthearted affections may seem too casual for some, but for the right person that could be just about right. The Sagittarius Sun sign is optimistic outgoing and the most adaptable of the fire signs (Aries & Leo). Those born with a Sagittarius sun sign will always need a great deal of freedom. Sagittarius folk have an open-minded and an intellectual curiosity and they are willing to learn especially about other types, races, groups of people. The Sagittarius native will say what they mean with complete open and devastating frankness on occasions. Sagittarius natives have a tendency to moralize or to preach sometimes on what you should do while following a completely different path to themselves. Sagittarius types are often completely able to be faithful to two people at once? Bored Sagittarius folk can be a danger to themselves and to others, their attitude is that anything goes so long as it is experience or it entertains them. This often results in over-indulgence and a tendency to burn the candle at both ends. Sagittarians are the seekers of the zodiac they love excitement and will always be searching out new experience.

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