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The Sagittarius Personality: Sagittarius people make generous jovial loyal friends, and they are fun-loving souls who know how to to have a good time. Those born with the Sagittarian astrology never take life too seriously. The Sagittarius astrology sign is optimistic outgoing and the most adaptable of all of the fire signs, the others being Aries and Leo. Those born with this astrology sign always need a great deal of freedom, they have an open-mind as well as an intellectual curiosity. Sagittarius people always willing to learn especially about other types or groups of people out side of their own domain. The Sagittarius will quite often say what they mean with completely devastating frankness. Sagittarians have a tendency to moralize and to preach, while following a completely different path themselves! A bored Sagittarius can be a danger to themselves and all around them their attitude is that anything goes so long as it is an experience or that it entertains them. Sagittarians have a habit of over-indulgence and a tendency to burn the candle at both ends. Sagittarians are the thrill and the truth seekers of the zodiac they love excitement and will always be searching for the next new experiences   Aries Taurus - Gemini  - Cancer - Leo  - Virgo  - Libra  - Scorpio - Sagittarius  - Capricorn  - Aquarius - Pisces

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