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Sagittarius Moon Sign Astrology

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Moon in Sagittarius: People born with the moon in the constellation of Sagittarius just love their independence, these are free spirits and they do not like to be trapped physically, intellectually or emotionally. Those with a Sagittarius moon sign are highly adaptable (mutable) and will attract many friends who warm to the Sagittarius gregarious nature. People with this moon sign need to keep moving and exploring different views and ways of being the next horizon is continuously moving and drawing the native into it. People with this moon sign are not necessarily materialistic and the 'experience' counts more than the actual acquisition of money or possessions, although the Sagittarius moon sign may be given to spending some of their hard earned cash on traveling and the experience that goes with see new and different places. Those born with this moon placement are firm believers in justice and fair play and they will always help out anyone who is really in need, or who has been treated unfairly or unjustly. The only fault with this moon sign is that they could be too optimistic and they need to learn through the school of hard nocks a more realistic approach to life.

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Sagittarius Moon Sign -Early 'Life' ExperiencesThe moon rules our emotions and what we 'feel', these feelings or 'in-coming' sense impressions and experiences are then analyzed by the placement of the planet Mercury with in our natal charts. The moon and Mercury will actually work together as they help to shape us into what we become through our outer senses. The moon in sign at birth will determine the experience that help (with our analytical mercury placement) to shape our inner self's and will give us a very definite pattern in our early life experiences.

Moon in Sagittarius Your Early Life: If you where born with a Sagittarius moon sign then your relationship with your parents was probably quite a distant one, others with this moon sign do not usually encourage any closeness. Your parents may have come from a different country with a different culture or they may have come from a different part of the same country or a different religion with a different out look. With a Sagittarius moon sign you most likely would have done well at school, not so much academically but may be in art, music dancing or even sports. With a Sagittarius moon sign your best education will be or has come latter in life. With this moon sign you are friendly with an open attitude and would have consequently got on well with the other people at your school. -Find out more with a full Personal Astrology Reading?

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