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The Pisces Astrological Profile: + Artistic, kind, sympathetic, intuitive, visionary, sensitive, adaptable, receptive. - Impractical, vague, careless, spiteful, manipulative, confused, weak-willed, indecisive, easily led astray, greedy, immoral & lazy.-

Those people born with the Pisces horoscope have a sensitivity and a finely tuned nature. Pisces astrological profiles will often have problems defining the boundaries between fact and fiction. Those born under the star sign Pisces are empathetic and compassionate they cannot bear to see another living being in pain. The Pisces native feels very deeply about other people as they do not have a strong sense of separation and individuality. Pisces people make for intuitive types and can receive great inspiration and depth of vision. The Pisces native is the natural astrology sign for mediums or mystics. Those people born with this astrology star sign can have inner vision that can also manifest through either the arts or the sciences or the caring professions. Pisces types can also be selfless or self-sacrificing and are capable of true unconditional love. The Pisces personality has a number of sub personalities, which are likely to take over at any time. They include the victim, the martyr and the savoir or the rescuer. Once a Pisces type gets locked into these patterns it can be very difficult to move out of. The other negative trait of a Pisces horoscope involves the illusion and confusion, which surrounds their ability to tell the truth. Pisces folk can be too imaginative for their own good and serve their own needs even whilst believing that they are truly serving others. Pisces is the all inclusive caring sharing sign of the zodiac.


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