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The Pisces Personality: Pisces have a sensitive finely tuned nature and those born under this astrology sign are usually extremely empathetic, they are compassionate and they hate to see any other living thing in pain, Pisces feel about other people because they do not have that strong sense of separation that other astrology signs may have. Pisces often have problems defining boundaries and differentiating between fact and fiction. This astrology sign can receive a great depth of vision, they have great "inspiration".  Pisces is the most usual astrology sign for mediums and mystics to have. Pisces folk will often posses an inner vision that will manifest its self through the arts, this astrology sign can also be found in the caring professions, and in the sciences . Pisces can be selfless and self-sacrificing, but they have a real capability for true or even "unconditional" love. The Pisces person may also has a number of 'sub' personalities  which may take over from time to time, it is then that they become the victim, or the martyr,  the savior, or the rescuer. When a Pisces gets locked into these self sacrificing types of behavior it can be extremely difficult  to shift them. The other possible negative trait of the Pisces astrology sign is illusion and confusion which may interfere with their ability to be truthful. Pisces people will often be too imaginative for their own good, they delude them self's whilst serve their own needs and truly believing that they are doing the right thing and that their reality is real. Pisces are the healers and the feelers of the zodiac, and quite frankly I do not know what we would do with out them? Aries Taurus - Gemini  - Cancer - Leo  - Virgo  - Libra  - Scorpio - Sagittarius  - Capricorn  - Aquarius - Pisces

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