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Pisces Moon Sign Astrology

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Moon Sign Pisces: Sacrifice is the word most associated with the Pisces moon sign. If someone else's need is perceived to be greater than their own they will willingly give away all that they have (and quite often what other's have to). With the Pisces moon sign there is a danger of becoming a martyr, as they often let their own needs fade into insignificance (*if some times if this is not the case then conversely the opposite could be true). Boundaries can be hard to define with this moon sign and they may often be getting them self's involved in other people's problems as toes can often get trodden on! Creativity is strong with this moon sign, and a desire to make the world a better place drives these people forward. The Pisces moon signer has a strong liking for all creativity and of beauty, they will have a strong hate for all things of ugliness and disharmony. Being what you might call psychically aware is a strong possibility for those born under this watery emotional tuned in moon sign and they will even if not positively psychic often have the ability to pick up on all of the subtle 'signals' that other less 'feeling' moon signs might miss.   

Your Moon Sign/Mercury and Early 'Life' ExperiencesThe moon rules our emotions and what we 'feel', these feelings or 'in-coming' sense impressions and experiences are then analyzed by the placement of the planet Mercury with in our natal charts. The moon and Mercury will actually work together as they help to shape us into what we become through our outer senses. The moon in sign at birth will determine the experience that help (with our analytical mercury placement) to shape our inner self's and will give us a very definite pattern in our early life experiences.

Pisces Moon Sign and Your Early Life: If you where born with the moon in Pisces you were not an especially wanted child. Your parents may have had many difficulties when you were young, -and there is with this moon placement a strong likelihood that you could have had in your early life (often set of by an aspect between planets in the birth chart) a lesson in of the shortness and the fragility of life? With the moon sign Pisces your child hood was probably a very lonely one and you could have through being alone for periods become an avid readers. With this moon sign you may have found it hard to make friends and you may have even been bullied at school and or at home? You would have developed a watchful approach to life and would soon learned how to please people and possibly how to manipulate them as well. The Pisces Moon sign is associated with illusion, which is (and would have been) at its best when channeled into artistic or creative pursuits. -

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