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Natal Chart Synistry/Relationship Astrology: Chart Synistry works by using your own and another birth place and time to gain a deeper insight into just how your two personalities would interact, not just now and on the surface but on a deeper more sustainable level over a period of time / Relationship or Synistry astrology works by comparing two very different birth charts on all levels to see how each individual planet, house and aspect interacts with the others over a period of time, a complexed, "scientific", and a extremely involved process. Do not leave your relationship/marriage to chance; Find out today what the future may hold in store for the two of you as a couple! 15+ pages you can not afford to be with out

# Each report is relevant only to you and your *time, date, place of birth, # Each report containes15-20 pages packed full of priceless information in plain English. # Delivered to any email address anywhere with in 48 hours of receipt. # *Ideal as a gift. Sent via email on *any given date

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