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Personal Astrology Reports + 1 Year Predictions -A Voyage of Self-Discovery
 Discover all the benefits that new age personal astrology can bring to your life. you can now gain all the knowledge and insight  that was previously hidden or unavailable to the "common man" or  'common woman'.

Be Enlightened
Astrology is no longer an obscure science meant only to be understood by the select few. Our personal astrology reports are all about you and your full potential, personal astrology is a tool to greater self-awareness. Our personal only to you reports allows you to control your life by gaining a clearer idea of who you really are. You can now gain a clearer view of your future, your experiences, and the experiences of all those around you as they relate to you.

 Your true identity- Know and understand the whole person, understand the very unique and special kind of individuality often hidden deep inside - see through all of the layers/confusion. Know just how and where your best  attributes lie and know what may ultimately hold you back. Know and understand all that makes an individual an individual. 

Know they self above all others. Personal astrology is possibly the only direct route to real self understanding, and to greater self awareness.

Unleash your true and full potential: Astrology can help us to understand the future and the effect it will have upon us in a very precise and clear way. Timing in life is everything so knowing what is coming up over the next few months, or the entire year can help us to be prepared and to take advantage of all the opportunities that are coming our way as well as making us prepared for all those events and energies that may not be so welcome in ones life, but are coming our way never the less. Forewarned is forearmed!

* Make the very most of your life now before it is to late

Personal Astrology from Astro Map- A True Voyage of Self-Discovery
Discover now the benefits that modern astrology fully computerized reports or 1 to 1 consultations can bring to your life. You can now gain all the knowledge and insight that was previously only available to royalty the aristocracy and the  privileged few
- Your Own 1 on 1 Astrological Consultations or Personal Vedic Astrology Consultations

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