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Libra Astrology Star Sign

Libra Star Sign: - The Libra astrological sign is influenced by the element of air. Libra is a sign that is extroverted and active. Libra is ruled buy Venus which gives the Libra native their charm and their grace in expression it also gives them a desire to be popular and they often seek approval from others the key words associated with Venus are beauty, balance and harmony. The Libra star sign seeks co-operation from others and prefers to co-operate than to work in isolation. Libra's have a need for companionship with others in order to fulfilled a need. The Libra star sign is concerned with the present and will often initiate actions. Personal Only To You!  : 

The Libra native is easy going charming and pleasant almost all ways, their reason for living centers around the thought of happy and enduring relationships. Libra types feel they can not function without that someone very special in their life, Libra simply can not do without other people and they need relationships Libra's are the team builder we all need in order to work together and be a part of the group . Libra some times has a complete inability to make any binding decisions regarding relationships or anything else for that matter and problems can arise for Libra when the reality of the situation does not always matches their high ideals. The Libra personality is not the most stable in either what they should do or in maintaining one kind of a particular view point. People born with a Libra Sun either sit on the fence attempting to appear pleasing to all parties or they swing wildly from one side to the other. Those with this astrology profile are often very self oriented and will at times insist on getting their own way though that could of coarse all change!. Libras often have a fear of making the wrong choice or of upsetting others. Inward focusing their energy as opposed to always outward focusing their energy can help them to restore some balance with in their lives. Libra is always looking for balance. The Libra Sun sign is the mediator and the calming force with in the Zodiac. The Libra Personality 

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The Ideal astrological love match for Libra: Marriage and partnerships of all types are of primary concern to the Libra star sign. For the Libra all relationships are important and falling in love comes very naturally to those people born with this sign. With a Libra lover there is a great need to share, to be fair and to be impartial. Sometimes the loving sophisticated Libra can become too needy and rely upon others too much, they some times may fall into a cycle of dependency. A Libra lover may often give away too much to others and reserve too little for themselves, it is then some times that their life seems to reels out of control. Libra's do how ever have a need to maintain their own individuality within all of their relationships The best love match's for the Libra star sign without study of the birth chart as a whole would most likely be the balancing influences of either a Gemini or an Aquarius.   Find your true love

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The Libra Gemstone


Enhances meditation and spiritual awareness: Tourmaline gemstones symbolizes vitality. Wear Tourmaline to protect against illness, or wear a tourmaline pendant to deflect negativity, dispel fears and balance the aura. It is said these crystals connect the physical with the spiritual, and reduces anger, jealousy and feelings of insecurity. These gem stones are especially powerful for all born under Libra or in the month of October. Tourmaline ruled by Libra ruling planet Venus Ruling day is Friday. Tourmaline Astrology & Gemstones

The Libra Ruling Planet

The ruling planet for Venus The planet Venus is temperate (qualities) and  moist , fruitful, magneticfeminine/, shy and moody, The Venus 's month is July. Venus metal is copper. The planet Venus's day is Friday. The Venus colour is light blue. The planet number is 6. Venus is dignified in the either of the signs of Libra or Taurus. Venus rules the arts, style, taste, physical attraction, close partnerships of all kinds, women and feminine sexuality; physical well-being; money and all means of exchange; diplomacy and vanity

The planet Venus is named after the goddess of love, beauty and sensuality and is the planet of love. Venus traditionally refers to our need for relationships, affection and harmony. Venus represents affection, friendship, unions, pleasures, the arts and love. Venus is our sense of beauty and aesthetics. At a more fundamental level however the planet Venus is concerned with what attracts and repels us, and how we respond to these influences. The process involved in the Venus principle is one of weighing up - of trying to decide what is good or bad according to how we perceive our needs. More often than not  this will results in a sharing or co-pertaining behavior.  In terms of love Venus reveals our reaction when we meet the 'love situation' rather than how we express ourselves emotionally or sexually. The planet Venus rarely gives without expecting something in return, hence our ability to attract harmonious relationships will depend on its sign and house position, and more specifically on the nature of the planets Venus aspects within our birth charts. Ruling planet Venus 

The Elements and Modes of Libra: Libra is Masculine/+. The Libra element is Air The quality is Cardinal. Libra is ruled by Venus and is exalted- by Saturn. Libra body-parts are the Kidneys. Libra elements and triplicities. 

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