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Libra moon sign: People born with a Libra moon sign can be quite charming and creative they are looking for both harmony and excitement. They have diplomacy skills beyond question but their ability to see both sides of the coin can sometimes leave them sitting on the fence. Hence the need for great negotiating skills to get themselves out of a tight corner. Libra moon sign 's love to initiate new projects but can get bored when the first excitement wears off and then will cast around for the next thing to get involved with. With a Libra moon sign a trail of broken hearts could lie in their wake as they charm, conquer and retreat. Libra moon sign 's do have the ability to be a peacemaker when others are locked in dispute. Libra moon sign 's can see both sides and perceive the underlying tensions. Not only that, they are able to articulate beautifully, >

Early life experiences - Libra moon sign

The moon rules our emotions and how we feel inside. Our moon sign astrology can often give us very defiant patterns in our early life. Our moon sign is what helps to shape our emotional make up and how we respond emotional from a very early age. ? With a Libra moon sign you may have had a father whom pushed you educationally and your mother may have been a little peculiar. With a Libra moon you were probably loved and understood by your parents and even over indulged a bit. With the moon in Libra your home was more than likely full of books, conversations and interesting people. With a Libra moon sign you're school days may have been unhappy you may have had problems with exams and tests and you may have preferred to rely on your personality more than extensive study or the right answers?       >

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