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The Libra Personality:  Libra people are easy going charmers with pleasant personalities. The Libras main goal in life often is a happy and enduring relationships. The Libra astrology makes them feel that they can not function without that someone very special by their side. Libra's are team builders and mediators always trying to restore the balance but never quite accomplishing their goal, or at least not for long as as-soon as they do the weight is taken off and the balance swings back down once more! The Libras mantra is 'we all need in order to work together and be a part of the group' . Libra at times have a complete inability to make decisions regarding relationships or anything else, problems arise when the reality of the situation does not always matches the Libra's high ideals. The Libra personality is not the most stable in either what they should do or in maintaining one kind of a particular view point. Libra people either sit on the fence attempting to appear pleasing to all parties or they swing wildly to one side to the other. Those with this astrology are very self oriented and will at times insist on getting their own way. Libra has a fear of making the wrong choice or upsetting others Libra is always looking for, but never quite finding the balance. The Libra astrology sign with its constant need for balance is the negotiator, mediator and the calming-leveling force of the Zodiac Aries Taurus - Gemini  - Cancer - Leo  - Virgo  - Libra  - Scorpio - Sagittarius  - Capricorn  - Aquarius - Pisces

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