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Leo Astrology Star Sign:

Leo Star Sign: - Leo is the star sign of nobility. The Leo star sun sign is highly moral. Leo’s ruler is the sun which represents self-expression the ego and the big I am here – look at me  principle.  Leo is the ultimate of all the fire signs (Aries Sagittarius) and as such the intensity of the fire brings a desire to create and innovate. Leo astrologically acts on the intellect as well as feeling. The Leo star sign is not as self serving as the other fire signs and expresses a more intellectual quality than do Aries/Sagittarius. Personal Only To You!  :    

The bright side of the Leo is very bright indeed as the Leo personality is very much tune in to the Sun. Leo's must always have the spotlight and must always find a way to shine in some way or another and when a Leo thinks that they are being ignored it is then that the Leo type can retreat into a long and terrible sulk. The Leo astrological type is generous but money is only really important as a means of achieving goals. Leo star sign people assume that other folk they meet posses a sense of right and wrong similar to their own. Leo’s can be overly confident, frank and are often outspoken. The typical Leo is flamboyant, generous, with a tremendous charm and a fiery spirit;. though the fixed quality of those born with a Leo sun does help to restrain their over-exuberance some times. Leo's are usually loyal types and very self assured, they are hard working and great organizers. The Leo and the lions most noted trait is pride which can lead to many problems and they can at times be far to touchy about just about everything when their pride or feelings are hurt. Leo’s have a big sense of pride in what they do and on the whole are very trust worthy and moral people even though they can believe that the ends will justified the means. Leo the royalty of the zodiac are generous and they have deep feelings. The Leo Personality

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The Ideal astrological love match for Leo: Leo's like to lead in a relationship. The Leo start sign radiates a persona of mega-confidence and a need to be seen because the Lion, king of the beast must have an audience. Leo is one of the fixed signs and this quality adds self-reliance a characteristic that works well when coupled with Leo's formative energy in the leadership role with-in a relationship. With out the ability to consolidate and to be stabilized this fire element can some times rage out of control. Leo types need a more humbling influence with-in their ideal love partnership. The best match for a Leo with all ells being equal with-in the birth charts is most likely with a  Libra, Sagittarius and AquariusFind your true love  Astrological love matches.

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The Leo Gemstone

The Leo Gemstone star signs 

Attract compassion - Balance your energies and harmonize Amber the crystal of the sun is said to be good luck gem stone that help to strengthens your aura, to harmonizes and helps to balances the yin/yang principle with-in. These gemstones it is said attract compassion, they protect against evil influences and accidental injuries. Amber an especially powerful good luck charm for all persons born under the sign of Leo or in the month of July. Amber  Astrology & Gemstones 

The Leo Ruling Planet

The ruling planet for Leo is the Sun. The Sun is warm (heat/hot , dry and convertible . The sun's colour is orange. The sun's metal is Gold and its month is July. The sun corresponds to the number 1 and the Sun's day is Sunday. The sun's main purpose is to radiate, to blast and to push out wards. The sun shines on - spot lights in order to create attention. The sun is the husband, the chief, the father, the political ruler. The sun favours commerce. money matters and support from influential people.

The Sun The sun represents a person’s actions. The sun is what essentially that person is seeking to become. This is reflected in the Sun 's glyph or symbol a dot, representing potential, in a circle signifying completeness or maturity. On other levels the Sun also corresponds to the masculine principles of willpower, courage, creativity, purpose, growth, one's sense of uniqueness, authority, the father and the ruler. In a country's horoscope the sun represents the leader, in the individual the sun represents the ego. Ruling planet the Sun 

The Elements and Modes of Leo : Leo is Masculine/+. The Leo element is Fire. The Leo quality is Fixed. Leo is ruled by The Sun and is exalted by not agreed. Leo relates to the body-parts are the Heart and Back. Leo elements and triplicities


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