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The Leo Personality: Leo people have bright side that is very bright indeed, the Leo astrology is very much tune in with the Sun and Leo's always find a way to shine, they need to be in the spot light! If a Leo thinks they are being ignored the Leo person can and does on occasions retreat into a  terrible long sulk. The Leo astrology is generous but money is important as a means of achieving their many goals. Leo people mistakenly assume that others they deal with posses a sense of right and wrong similar to their own high standards. Leo’s can be over confident, over frank and are often very outspoken, they are flamboyant, generous, they have a tremendous charm and a fiery free spirit (though the fixed quality of those born with a Leo sun does help to restrain their over-exuberance some times). Leo are loyal and very self assured, they  work hard and are great organizers too. Leo the lions most noted trait is pride which will lead to many problems. Leo's can at times be far to touchy about anything when their pride or feelings are hurt. Leo on the whole are very trust worthy and the moral people -though at times they can believe that the ends will justified the means, if you know what I mean? Leo is the royalty of the zodiac are they are the most generous and often flamboyant of all the astrology signs.

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