Gender – Elements – Quadruplicates – Qualities in astrology Gender – Elements – Quadruplicates – Qualities in Astrology-Tarot

Gender – Elements – Quadruplicates – Qualities: Their used in Astrology the Tarot and the Esoteric

/+: self-confidence, self-expressive. outgoing, assertive, positive, confident, .
Feminine Qualities in Astrology-Tarot Feminine
/–: negative or self repressive, inner, receptive and responsive, reactive to outside influences, introspective, shy, moody, not assertive.
Convertible Qualities in Astrology-Tarot Convertible
: can be masculine or feminine, mimics the prevailing principal/trends.

Gender-Elements-astrology Elements:
Fire Qualities in Astrology-Tarot Fire
: self motivated, inspirational, mindful of the future. active, initiating, initiative, combative, ‘flickering’, aggressive, dynamic, enthusiasm, optimistic, in tune with the young - entertaining egotistical and generous.
Earth Qualities in Astrology-Tarot Earth
: materialistic, practical, conservative. grounded, solid, fundamental, secretive, reflective , slow growth.
Air Qualities in Astrology-Tarot Air
: people oriented getting along with others, intelligent and communicative, detached, mental,
Water Qualities in Astrology-Tarot Water
: emotional and sensitive to the world around them, flowing, conforming, adaptive, nourishing, changeable, sensitive, secretive, reflective, concerned with emotions and feelings.

Gender-Elements-astrology Mode/Quadruplicates:
Cardinal Qualities in Astrology-Tarot Cardinal
: leaders, Initiates action initiating, restless, goal-oriented, implies action and initiative, under no ones thumb, determination, desire to succeed
Fixed Qualities in Astrology-Tarot Fixed
: determined, persistent, good powers of concentration, somewhat stubborn and persistent, stays put, strength and endurance to see things through.
Mutable Qualities in Astrology-Tarot Mutable: communicators, flexible, adaptable, strong mental abilities, fear of change, keeps the peace.

Heat/Hot-Cold-Wet-Dryness-Elements-astrology Qualities:
Heat/Hot Qualities in Astrology-Tarot Heat
/Hot: makes more active, externally determined, conform to its environment.
cold Qualities in Astrology-Tarot Cold: makes inactive, gross, heavy, falling and centripetal.
Wet: Qualities in Astrology-Tarot Wet
: blurs distinction, associates things of the same kind, creates sympathy, empathy, unity.
Moistness Qualities in Astrology-Tarot Moistness
: flexibility, sensitive to external conditions, allows a thing to adapt to its external conditions, volatile and expansive.
Dryness Qualities in Astrology-Tarot Dryness
: makes distinctions, knows and recognizes differences, keeps obstacles apart, quality of rigidity, (allows self defining, self-determining.)