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Gemini Astrology Star Sign:

Gemini Star Sign: - The Gemini star sign the sign of communications, learning and the media, the Gemini Sun sign native is very active and curios and they can be relentless in their pursuit of information and will usually excels at conveying this information to others but not always in a logical or understandable way! The Gemini star sign is ruled by Mercury and its biggest fault is inconsistency and superficiality. Gemini folk are born into the most personal and congenial sign in the zodiac and people who are born under the Gemini sun sign can usually argue their way out of just about any situation. Personal Only To You!  : 

Many Gemini folks have had a problem at the start of their life's, often their families are parted so they will make a great effort to keep their clan together, they will put up with difficult situations for a lot longer than most and will always try to keep in touch with their children even if it is as it often is at a distance. Because Gemini's find communication so interesting they will often pursue careers in either something incorporating the use of conversation or something to do with books, publishing or media. Gemini's like jobs that offer them a variety of tasks and an opportunity of meeting other people they will usually stick to their main job although they may often have other interests which may also bring in an additional income. There is very little in life that troubles the Gemini personality or that can stop their relentless talk and gossiping for very long. Gemini's have difficulty maintaining interest when what  interests a Gemini may not interest the Gemini tomorrow! Gemini can often engaged in two subjects or two jobs at the same time.  Too much whizzing about and reacting quickly to situations can unfortunately at times lead the Gemini into mental overload. The Gemini  Personality: 

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The Gemini Lover
( How to attract an Gemini lover - Video)

The Ideal astrological love match for Gemini: This is one of the happy adaptable and most mutable signs the Gemini partner or lover reaches out, expands and expresses. A flexible personality ensures that the Gemini can connect and communicate well with others and they have a need for activity which can make life very interesting at times  Gemini can find it difficult  finding the right direction in life, therefore natives of this sign needs the balancing influence of stability with in a relationship. The Air element of Gemini brings communication, intellect, speed, motivation, and adaptability into a relationship. Gemini's do like to speak their mind but they can with the right influences listen as well and can make very communicating and interesting partners. Balance comes from a 'slowing down' and influence from someone who will listen, learn and grow within the relationship. The best and ideal lover or love match with out looking into the birth chart  would most likely be with a Leo, Libra or Aquarius.

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The Gemini Gemstone

 - Agate -
The Gemini Gemstone satr signs

The Crystal of Attraction: Agate the multi coloured and often multi banded gem stone that has the power of attraction, use also as an amulet as an aid to meditations. Agate is said to protect the wearer against accidental falls as well as dangers of all kinds. These gem stones are the symbol of health and long life, they are the birth stone of Gemini and are said to be a good luck charm for all those persons born under. Agate  Crystals Agate  

Gemini Ruling Planet

The ruling planet for Mercury: Mercury is  dry,  nervous and convertible. The planet Mercury mental is Quick Silver, The planet Mercury acts as a go-between for all duality's and opposites hard/soft wet/dry etc. The Mercury day is Wednesday and its month is May. The Mercury colour is Light Grey or Yellow. The planet Mercury 's number is 5. Mercury governs how we think, communicate and exchange thoughts into information and logic

The planet Mercury in its mythological role is the messenger of the Gods and  was responsible for conveying information between mortals and deities. The planet Mercury represents books, newspapers, telephones television computers communication and the media. position, how we operate, think and generally communicate. Mercury carries the torch of conscious thought to the rest of the chart offering the opportunity of greater self-awareness along the way. Mercury also shows our aptitude for learning especially through contacts with other planets. Mercury shows whether our opinions are likely to be based on logic or feelings and habits. In his highest expression the planet Mercury symbolizes the power of wisdom and self-knowledge. In his lowest expression the planet Mercury represents the mind of the trickster full of deceit and low cunning. On other levels the planet Mercury corresponds to the workings of the rational, objective mind, early school experiences, reading and writing, languages, debate and discussion. The planet Mercury collates to transport, commerce, short-distance travel; and the tools of communication. Mercury

The elements and modes of Gemini: Gemini is Masculine/+. The Gemini element is Air  The quality is Mutable . Gemini is ruled by Mercury and is exalted- by not agreed. Gemini body-parts are the Hands, Arms, Nerves, Lungs. Gemini elements and triplicities.

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