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The Gemini Personality: Many Gemini's have get a bit of a problem at the start of their life, it often happens that their families are parted in some way, fro some reason - the Gemini astrology will help the individual make great efforts to keep their family group together, and probably because of this they will  try to keep in touch with their children on a very regular basis through out life, even if it is as it often is at a distance or difficult. The Gemini will put up with the difficult situations in life for longer than most other astrological signs. Gemini's find communication interesting and they will often pursue careers incorporating the use of conversation, books, publishing, the media. Gemini people go for jobs that offer them variety and the opportunity to meet other. Gemini's will usually stick at their main job although they will often have other interests to bring in additional income. Very little in life that troubles a Gemini and very littler can stop their relentless need to talk and gossiping. Gemini's may have difficulty maintaining interest in, as what interests a Gemini today can change suddenly and with out warning Tomorrow! The Gemini Gemini astrology has a duality and Gemini's will engaged in two subjects or even two jobs at the same time. The Gemini's constant  whizzing about and reacting quickly to situations does at times lead the Gemini into mental overload. Gemini's interests and interactions never allow a lot of time to slip into any downward deep thoughts.

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