Freeman 'the intelligent hippie'. The esoteric, conspiracy and new world order expert, his videos are not exactly what you might call 'polished' but his content is fantastic. 'the truth is out there' The Freeman Perspective Videos 1-6:

Freeman the esoteric, conspiracy and new world order expert - 1 - 6

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Freeman all about FreMan, the new world order, conspiracy, control and the esoteric expert as taken from -
".I produce and host a show in Austin called
the Freeman Perspective I have discovered a ritual being performed all around us, in the open by our "leaders" and I am making documentaries to disclose this information. I cover topics such as, corporate logos and their occult/masonic meanings. I unveil the goddess worship going on around us and explore America's goddess Columbia. I have won the ACTV awards for my documentary on HAARP; the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program which can change weather patterns and negatively effect your health. I have made sure people are aware of the chemtrail program occurring over our heads and in our bodies. I should be considered an alternative historian, as opposed to a conspiracy theorist, although I did predict 9/11 to the day and many other political events, I base my predictions on a study of ancient astronauts and the magick they used, which is today called kabbalism. Finally, I have realized the power of self-attainment through recognition of the divine-will through synchronicity or miraculous coincidence. If this "brotherhood" is manipulating the "Real World" through magickal means, our imagination is more powerful than any manifest thing. This would explain the amount of effort our "leaders" put into controlling our thoughts. I am a trail-blazer into the new "reality" Because it is sometimes, so unbelievable, the truth escapes becoming known."

Freeman has a unique and some would say gifted perspective on life.Very few people have an understaning of what could really be going on behind the scenes. Freeman is with out doubt an expert in his field which is The new world order, conspiracy, control and the esoteric

Radio Freeman Tuesday nights at 6pm CST Revere Radio - The FreeZone Saturday nights at 8pm CST Oracle Broadcasting

The new world order, conspiracy, control and the esoteric -