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The spirit of man "free spirit". The main implication is essential that spirituality is the biases and foundation of human life-in so far as our life is subject for ideal philosophy and pure aesthetic rather than the apex or final attainment of it. To put it briefly man is a spiritual being, and the proper work of his mind is to interpret the world accordingly to his higher nature. Robert Bridges  (c1915 ) 'The Spirit of Man'  a collection of "spiritual" poetry 1915 was compiled by Robert Bridges O. M. Poet Laureate, 

Spinoza "free spirit" Is telling of him self (The Spirit of Man 1915 was compiled by Robert Bridges O. M. Poet Laureate)  

After experience had taught me that the common occurrence of ordinary life are in vain and futile and I saw that all the objects of my desire and fear were in them self's nothing good nor bad, save so far as the mind was affected by them. I at length determined to search out if there not was something truly good and communicable to man by which his spirit might be affected to the exclusion of all other things. Whether there were anything through the discovery and acquisition of which I might enjoy continues and perfect gladness for ever. I say that at length determined because at first sight it seemed ill-advised to renounce things, in the process of which I was assured, for the sake of what was yet uncertain...I therefore turned over in my mind whatever it might be possible to come to come at this new way, or at least to the certitude of its existence, with out changing my usual way of life,( a compromise) which I had often attempted before but in vain. For the things that commonly happen in life and are esteemed among men as the highest good (as is witnessed by there works) can be reduced to three, Riches, Fame, and Lust; and by these the mind is so distracted that it can scarcely think of any other good. With regard to lust, the mind is so much absorbed thereby as if it had attained rest in some good: and this hinders it from thinking of anything else. but after fruition a great sadness follows, which, if not absorb the mind, will yet disturb and blunt it....But love directed towards the eternal and infinite feeds the mind with pure joy, and is free from all sadness. Therefore it is greatly to be desired and to be sought after with our whole might....(and) although I could perceive this quit clearly in my mind, I could not at once lay aside all greed and lust and Honour...One thing I could see, and that was that so long as the mind was turned a pone this new way it was deflected, and seriously endangered therein. Which was a great comfort to me, for I saw that those evils were not such as would not yield to remedies; and a short while, yet afterwards the true good became more evident to me, and those intervals more frequent and of longer duration.       

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 Free spirit-daily Today's Poem--is an extract from 'Spirit of Man' - c1915  

Free spirit - daily poems thoughts & meditations - Today's Meditation


The Eremite 19

Beneath the cavity of the sky’s dome I wander day and night
My home is in the desert by night and day
No sickness troubleth me nor silent pain tormenteth
Oh thing I know that I sorrow day and night

Homeless am I O lord; whither shall I turn?
A wandering in the desert, whither shall I turn?
I come to thee at last, driven from every threshold
And if they door is closed, whither shall I turn?

Blessed are they that live in sight of thee
Who speak with thee O lord and dwell with thee
Faint are my limbs, and my heart is fearful
Humbly I sit with those who are dear to thee

Drunk tho’ we be with pleasure, Thou art our faith
Helpless with out hand or foot. Mussalmans or Gebres,
Whatsoe’er our creed, Thou art our faith.


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