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Why Email Tarot Card Readings? A face to face one on one tarot reading is obviously the best, but a lot can be gained from what are called focused 'absent' readings where the reader focuses upon a name and a birth date or a picture. Astro Map does not advocate telephone tarot card readings how ever; though some are conducted by professional tarot readers and their advise could obviously of value. We believe on the whole that telephone readings cheapen and undermined the esoteric/new age movement as a whole - Most are set up by large companies who employ just about any-one! A lot of 'new' to the business tarot readers may believe they are offering a valued service but we believe a lot are being used for a quick buck and if you can find a trusted tarot reader in person then you should stick to them and not waste a lot of money (where percentages goes to the "employer") on the telephone or live online tarot readings with this one or that one!

Astro Map Tarot Card Readings: Tarot card readings can and will put things in perspective and help to clear away the confusion,  often reassure in times of uncertain. The tarot cards can give as a much better and more refined insight and understanding into just about any situation or problem, they can often act as a warning when needed and will points us in the right direction when the situation is unclear or uncertain. - We try to provide our customers with clarity & a deeper understanding of their situation, some times objectives and some times alternatives may be offer but the decision as to what to do is always for the questioner!.

*Tarot spreads do not hold the secret to happiness they can can I think; help to guide us and to teach us. We hope that the messages that transpire from each and every one of our email tarot readings is hope, insight, and encouragement but more than all of that clarity. One big benefit with an emailed tarot card reading is that you have a printable hard copy of the actual reading, nothing to remember and then miss-understand. You can refer this document time and time again whenever you like.

 # We have a choice of readings and one will suite you (state choice when ordering). # Your tarot card reading will be with you most likely within 1 but no more than 3 days. # Payment is made securely online with or PayPal. #The cost of our emailed tarot card reading service is Only $10. - Buy now with confidence only from

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