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The Capricorn Astrological Personality: + Reliable, determined, ambitious, careful, prudent, disciplined, hard working, persevering - Rigid, harsh, ruthless, cold, over exacting, pessimistic, too conventional, miserly, a wet blanket.- ..

Those people born with the Capricorn horoscope that manage to conquer their natural reserve and shyness will make terrific partners. Although those people born under the star sign of Capricorn are cautious and introverted the Capricorn astrological "profile" can make a very faithful partner once in a relationship. The Capricorn star sign really needs a partner who will support them emotionally, while giving them a much needed boost in confidence. One of the best assets of a Capricorn is their great great sense of humor, this is often needed in their efforts to impose some kind of order in the world around them. The Capricorn astrological horoscope promotes a dry humor.  Capricorn sun signs are prudent, reliable and disciplined consequently this astrological sign can become extremely rigid and pessimistic and their outlook can become gloomy and depressed. The Capricorn type can also on occasions be emotionally cold and inhibited. They distrust anything spontaneous which may deflect them from the task of changing the world around them to the world that suit their own needs. Capricorns are the builders and organizers of the zodiac

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