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The Capricorn Personality: Those born with the Capricorn astrology sign are serious, hard-working, cautious and pragmatic. Capricorn people become more self assured and self aware  after they mature at the age of around  forty plus. Capricorn is thoughtful, self-contained, tactful, compassionate, and warm hearted. Capricorn's distrust anything spontaneous or anything that will deflect them from their task of changing their world to suit their own needs, they then self's will often have problems expressing their emotions. Capricorn's best asset is probably their extremely dry scene of humor. Capricorn's are prudent, reliable and very disciplined people, consequently this astrology sign can become rigid and pessimistic with-in their outlook and subsequently they can at times become gloomy and depressed, they can also on occasions become emotionally cold and inhibited.  Capricorns need to impose some kind of order in the world around them  they are the builders and the organizers of the zodiac and they are capable of great things!

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