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Cancer Astrology Star Sign:

Cancer Star Sign: - Cancer is a water (emotions/ feelings) sign and those born with their sun in the star sign of Cancer will tend to react to emotions first and then to reason after. Cancer folk have an active imagination which at times may be perhaps be a little too active and can lead quite often into brooding or worrying. The Cancer star signs energy is what you might you cal “clannish” and those who come under its influence are sympathetic and protective towards all those with-in their circle, family or group. The Cancer star sign is a Cardinal sign which instigates action and initiative.Personal Only To You!  : 

Cancers are both cautious and economical but very giving to those they hold close. The Cancer native being ruled by water has a sensitivity to life and will often have changeable moods and fluctuating emotions, they can feel hurt by others. Cancer's have a tendency to feel first and then to think latter, they can react emotionally very quickly to situations. Cancer folk are often very much in love with their own homes they are always very devoted to their family's, no matter what. A lot of Cancer folk are into collecting things this may lead to collecting rare valuable and interesting items or they could just end up collect all the clutter that one should but never does quite thrown away. The Cancer star sign has an intense desire for harmony and will sometimes find an artistic medium to express them self through. Cancer start sign folk are very generous and giving they like to take care of other peoples needs and they like to know that others feel free to come to them for help and reassurance. Cancer is the most family oriented star sign of the entire zodiac, they need to have emotional support and to know that their loved ones do really care about them. The Cancer Personality: 

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The Ideal astrological love match for Cancer: Cancer's element is water which is symbolic of the emotions. Water signs need to give and to receive they thrive on the exchange of feelings. Cancer's need security and love to be wrapped up in an environment of love and comfort. Cancer seems to absorb memories, feelings and psychic messages. The cardinal motivation energizes their strong ability to provide for others. Cancer natives are after all extremely sensitive about just about everything they tend to fall in love quite quickly and they will often want their loved ones exclusively and only for them self. This astrology sign rules the moon which governs our feeling and our moods, the moon changes sign every couple of days there fore Cancer is prone to mood-swings. Sometimes the desire to love results in giving too much and In such cases Cancer can become over-protective or possibly over-dependent, when properly balanced however Cancer will develop their own sense of personal independence. Consequently Cancer will make the most compatible partner (all being equal with-in the birth chart) most likely with either  Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn or Pisces Astrological love match 

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 Cancer Gemstones

The Cancer Gemstones star signs

Strengthen MindPearl is used to remove the evil effects of the moon. Pearl it is said strengthens the mind, aids sleep and cures insomnia. Pearls are also reputed to aid memory, are good for heart trouble and eye diseases. Pearls are also said to increase sexual strength and to make the conjugal life a happy one!  They can according to folk lore remove melancholy and will increase good fortune. Especially fortunate for those born in the star sign Cancer or in the month of July. Ruled by Cancer the ruling planet is the moon. Ruling day Monday. Pearl & Pearls | Pearl Jewelry | Pearl Necklaces & Pendants | Pearl Earrings | Pearl Rings | Pearl Bracelets | Freshwater Pearls  

 The Cancer Gemstones star signs

Moon stones are said to be good for infertility, for new beginnings, insight and intuition. Moon stone is the birth stone for Cancer and for all people born in the month July. Ruled by Cancer ruling planet moon. Ruling day Monday   Moon stones – Jewelry | Moonstones - Necklaces & Pendants | Moonstones - Rings | Moonstones - Ear-Rings | Moonstones - Bracelets | Moonstones - Body JewelryAstrology & Gemstones

The Cancer Ruling Planet

The ruling planet for Cancer is the Moon. The Moon is coldwet , nocturnal and changeable. The Moon colour is Silver. The Moon month is February. The Moon's number is no 2. The Moon rules instincts; the home, natural habits, feelings & emotions, women, the mother, the imagination, the common people, water - the tides and the weather.

The Moon signifies a person's instinctive and emotional response to their senses. The Moon's is primarily concerned with reaction. The Moon by sign, house position and aspects in the birth chart can reveal a great deal about a person's emotional development as a child, and how they respond on an emotional level. The Moon also corresponds to the feminine principle and to our protective instinct to the home environment and our sense of belonging. The moon not only illuminates our attitudes to the past but our changing moods and fortunes. More about the Moon. 

The Elements and Modes of Cancer: Cancer is Feminine/–. The Cancer element is Water . The quality is Cardinal. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and is exalted by Jupiter. Cancer body-parts are the Brest and Stomach. Cancer elements and triplicities.


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