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The Cancer Astrological Personality: + protective, loving, generous, love of family, loyal, nurturing,  - moody, clannish, lazy, over emotional, controlling, patriotic, matriarchal.

Cancer folk tend to react to emotions first and to reason second, though at the same time as they re-act they do try to rationalize too. Cancer people are sympathetic and protective towards those with-in their circle their family they are very devoted to their family's and those that they like. Cancer sun signs are often very much in love with their own homes and they will not rest until their house, their clothes and all their possessions conform to their own idea of beauty and order. Cancer folks are very patriotic and will often stick up for and some times love their own country. those born with the Cancer astrological "profile" are both cautious and economical but very giving, have an intense desire for harmony which they will try to satisfy in every possible way they can. The Cancer astrology sign will strive to make their friends and family as they want them to be. Cancer folk tend to fall in love quite quickly and they often want their loved ones all and only for them self, they are protective caring and sharing but some times they may need to consider the ideas and the individual wants of others they hold close. A lot of Cancer folk are into collecting things this may lead to collecting rare valuable and interesting items or they could just end up collect a lot of clutter that never quite gets thrown away.

Astrology Profile for  Cancer- Copy Astro Map UK.