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The Cancer Personality: Cancer people are often cautious and economical, but always very giving to those that they hold close. The Cancer astrology sign is ruled by water giving a sensitivity to life with varying and changeable moods: fluctuating emotions! . Those with the Cancer astrology sign have a tendency to feel first and then to think, they can react emotionally very quickly to situations, they can actually feel the hurt by others. Cancer people are much in love with their own homes and always very devoted to their family. A lot of Cancer sun signers are into collecting things, this may be collecting rare, valuable, and interesting items or they can and often do just end up collect all the clutter that they feel they might have a use for one day. The Cancer astrology sign has an intense desire for harmony and they will often find an artistic medium to express this artistic side. Cancer people are very generous and giving Cancer folk like to take care of others needs, they like their friends and family to know that they are free to come to them for help and reassurance when ever. Cancer is the most family oriented astrology sign of the zodiac. Cancer people need to have emotional support and they like to know that their loved ones really do care about them as well.  Aries Taurus - Gemini  - Cancer - Leo  - Virgo  - Libra  - Scorpio - Sagittarius  - Capricorn  - Aquarius - Pisces

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