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The Ideal astrological love match for Virgo: Virgo is one of the earth signs which gives all those born within this astrological group a need for a solid grounding. Virgo's on the whole work hard at stability, often the Virgo's main goal is to build a life on very firm foundation. Virgo is ruled by the fast moving shape-shifting planet Mercury whose influence amongst other things gives them an overwhelming desire to analyzes and to organize. When frustrated a Virgo can feel trapped and get caught within a cycle of perfectionism. A good education is or becomes important to this astrological sign and by virtue important in a Virgo's ideal love match too. The mutable, dutifully and caring aspects of this astrology sign will some times come to the surface in the form of helping others or working as part of a team or by cooperating with others. Humbleness and the ability to work behind the scenes without complaining or pushing them self's forwards often causes the Virgo to miss out on opportunities that they could others wise take advantage of. A love interest who could inject a dose of self-confidence into their partner would help a Virgo promote the excellent qualities that they have in the way of being dutiful, committed and hard working  Because of the desire for security Virgo's may in unsure times worry constantly about the instability of work: "What if they don't need me anymore?" or  "What if I make a mistake?" Balance can be found with a partner who can promote in these loyal and trust worthy people the realization that imperfection is only human and that often they are only worrying about what may never be. The  most compatible astrological signs for an ideal love match with a Virgo are, all things being equal - Aries, Taurus, Capricorn or Pisces.

Virgo and Sex. Virgo, the virgin, is one of the earth signs and the Virgo sexual identity runs mostly on conservative lines but this doesn’t mean that they are boring. The Virgo astrological sign is outwardly cool and calm but composure is a facade because buried deep inside are usably great passions. Sexually and in love the Virgo astrological sign is giving, generous, deeply loyal, exciting with impressive cosmopolitan tastes. Virgo's want a partner who is secure in both vocation as well in their sexual prowess. In sexual relationship the Virgo is very caring and can make their partner feel the most wanted person on the earth. Virgo's given the right circumstances can lose themselves in the pleasure of sex with the same intensity that they devote to their work or their duties yet some other members of the Virgo astrological sign can be rather sexually repressed.- Visit Astro Map‘s-Astrology Store-HERE

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