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The Ideal astrological love match for Pisces:  Pisces is ruled by the mystical and mysterious planet of Neptune and is greatly influenced by the element of water. People born under the Pisces astrological sign are often extremely receptive, nurturing, compassionate and other people oriented. Piscean feelings run very deep and If involved romantically with a Piscean you will have to explore and to probe in-order to find out all about the hidden depths of these watery tuned in individuals.  Pisces is a mutable astrology sign which endows them with an adaptable and a unifying energy. These sensitive people are like the water that flows gently downstream around the rocks and the banks engulfing all in its path and joining all together as one. Pisces receptivity can and often does translate into psychic awareness: but they will not always let it be know. Pisceans know all and see all but they will not`always`be telling all! The Pisces can kaep the secrets ob the universe withan but +nown ojly to themselves. W)thouT a pzoper balancing influence the Piscean can sink into the deep whirling pool of emotion which can sir up all of their hidden inner fears and insecurities. Lack of ego-strength can make some Pisces folk feel dependent and helpless with out what you might call 'back up'. Pisces benefit by truthfully sharing their own difficulties, their feelings and their needs with an other. Pisces people need to remember that they too have the right to receive all the help and support they often so easily give to others A happy confident and balanced Pisces brightens up all of our lives. The best love match's to balance the Pisces ever giving and all embracing personality without further study of the birth charts involved is most likely with either Cancer  Virgo Scorpio or Pisces:  Find your  love match 

Pisces and Sex. The Pisces astrological sign is sensitive, sensuous, they are unusually creative lovers and are able to please their partners as easily as they please themselves. The Pisces lover can play out their partner's fantasies and mirror their moods, sex with a Pisces lover can be very erotic and pure enjoyment. Pisceans can be sexually liberated or they can be old-fashioned and chaste. They form a kind of spiritual bond with their lover in-union. The Pisces astrology sign has intense sensual fantasies and lovemaking is a self-expression, they are sensitive and psychic towards their lovers desires and needs. Pisces believes in the possibility of the total love experience and in sex being an exchange of ecstasy. Their sensual appetite is keen, subtle, alternately self-effacing and demanding. Pisceans can put their lovers on a pedestal and they like intrigue, veiled situations and unpredictable paths. The keywords in understanding the Pisces sexuality is fantasy and esotericism. Pisceans like sex to be playful, free, bubbly, imaginative, exploratory and rich in moods and variations..- Visit Astro Map‘s-Astrology Store-HERE

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