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Astrological lover - Love match's for Libra born 24 September to 24-october

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The Ideal astrological love match for Libra:  The Libra astrological sign is ruled and influenced by the element of Air which gives Libra the ability to communicate easily with others. The Libra astrological sign is ruled by the planet Venus the key words associated with Venus are beauty, balance and harmony which are all very important to this astrological sign and consequently within their perfect love match too. Libra has a need for partnerships and the search for an ideal partner can at times lead this astrological sign into a constant search to find the perfect match. With a Libra lover there is a great need to share, to be fair and to be impartial, trying to be too fair undermines the Libra decision making abilities at times. Sometimes the loving sophisticated Libra type can become too needy and too reliant upon others, it is then that Libra can fall into a cycle of dependency. A temptation with many Libra's is to give away too much to others and reserve too little for themselves, it is then that their life can some times reel out of control.  Even with calming and sophisticated influences the cardinal Libra astrological sign remains very active, they tend to outwardly radiate their personality. Inward focusing their energy as opposed to always outward focusing their energy can help to restore some balance into the Libra's constantly moving life. Libras thrive when they give themselves permission to finally take care of or pamper themselves, which they can do with a 'passion'. The best astrological love match to help to restore some calming influences and focus to this caring and sharing sophisticated astrological sign would be either  Gemini  or  Aquarian. - Astrology love match 

Libra and Sex.  The Libra astrological sign is blessed with enormous charm and sexual charisma. Libra is a sensual and generous lover who has a deep desire to satisfy and their aim is to please their lover, they are flirtatious by nature and masters in lovemaking. The Libra sexuality is the pursuit of pleasure and for the Libra everything surrounding sex must be beautiful and harmonious. Sights, sounds, smells, a romantic movie, candlelight dinner, music by the fireplace, exhibitionism, erotica, mirrored ceilings, massage oils, perfumes, colognes, all arouse the Libra senses as they make the creative pursuit of the pleasurable life an art form. The Libra lover likes to be spoiled with gifts and other sexual/romantic rituals. Libra's desirable partners must be agile, alert, aggressive, have a vivid fantasy life, be creative and imaginative, have a gift of gab and of coarse: be sexually exciting. .- Visit Astro Map‘s-Astrology Store-HERE

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